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27th October 2017 / posted by Joseph Holder

8 Things I Have Learned From My Work Experience at Oakwrights

I’m Kaia and I had the privilege to spend a week in the marketing department at Oakwrights; learning the way Oakwrights reach their audience with the campaigns they create to ensure their qualities and knowledge are put forward in a helpful and inspiring way.


Below are 8 Things I Have Learned From My Work Experience at Oakwrights:

  1. What Oakwrights have to offer

 oakwrights premium oak home offering


Oakwrights are an innovative company that offer bespoke Oak frames for homes and buildings. They have a diverse range of timber-framed houses and oak building design styles. Each architectural design that Oakwrights builds is designed to meet the client’s unique requirements. They offer a chance for potential clients to stay overnight in Oakwrights’ beautiful show home based in the picturesque countryside of Herefordshire. This will allow a feel as to what it may be like to own an Oak framed home. This experience will help potential self-builders who are visiting a visual and physical experience in place of looking at images of previous homes/buildings produced by Oakwrights.


See all the timber house styles that Oakwrights have to offer for your self-build project.


timber frame house first floor

  1. Oakwrights and Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ are social media platforms that Oakwrights use to further show what they have completed and are up to next e.g. magazine articles, upcoming self-build shows, job vacancies, the Oakwrights team, homes they have built, etc.


its easy to talk to oakwrights, the Uk's premier oak house builder


Anything that Oakwrights has available to share – will be posted. This allows the audience to be engaged with what Oakwrights are up to through quick and efficient online communication. By using social media, Oakwrights can succeed advertising their services directly to a vast audience!


Catch up with the latest Facebook posts I have sent out! –



timber framed house experts


  1. How Oakwrights use language to create engagement

I love how language is used to advertise or market a product/company. I intend on studying Linguistics at a degree level at University, thus completing work experience in a marketing department shows a hands-on insight how a company/product is marketed using particular words, images, calls-to-action (marketing jargon that I have become familiar with over this week), etc. to promote the company’s services.


our turnkey house build offering


I was given the task to condense the available job vacancies at Oakwrights to be posted on Facebook and Twitter. I had to use language that would engage the readers but ensure it portrayed the relevant information about the role available.


I thoroughly enjoyed picking apart words and finding new strategic ways to draw in an audience.


Are you looking for a change of career? Do any of these jobs appeal to you? – Turnkey Project Manager – Softwood Frame Assemblers – Area Sales Manager (Southwest)


  1. Marketing Campaign


I was lucky enough to be involved in promoting a Channel 4 TV show through a marketing campaign that features one of Oakwrights oak homes designed by PJT Designs. This marketing campaign is leading up to the TV programme which will be aired Saturday 4th November at 4:30 pm. It allows the audience to be prepared and have a ‘sneak peek’ of the project.  


homebuilding and renovating oak home article


A magazine article was published in the April 2017 issue of Homebuilding & Renovating magazine. From that article, I have created a Pinterest board that includes images with relevant and engaging captions from the ‘Johnny and Jane Jones Project’. This could gain more viewers as it epitomises what marketing executes through the social media platform, Pinterest, and allows a visual reminder of the article published a few months back.


Another marketing piece we have created is a planning consent story. The designer, Pete Tonks and his brother Dave Tonks, wrote a story about the Jones’ home that I had the privilege to proofread and edit.


Read in full the Johnny and Jane Jones’ oak frame home planning story!


oak home planning consent

  1. Due to Oakwrights - I now have COMMERCIAL AWARENESS:

Before starting any tasks this week, I had to do my research on Oakwrights in order to understand what I would be marketing.


When I started my week of work experience, I was truly uneducated in oak, self-build, and any building/oak-related jargon. So I researched further into Oakwrights, such as the team, what Oakwrights undertakes, previously built properties, etc. and that gave me an insight to what Oakwrights have to offer.


By completing research I was able to write up adverts and condense blogs about oak framed homes that would appeal to the audience. Without the awareness of Oakwrights, I wouldn’t have been able to complete any of the tasks I have completed in my week of work experience.


These Oakwrights’ marketing videos allowed a clear insight into Oakwrights and what they have to offer.


  1. The Workshops at Oakwrights


oakwrights skilled craftsmen - carpenters, joiners and framing experts


Oakwrights have their own workshop area that is located in the countryside of Herefordshire close to the office headquarters. At the workshops, all the labour of the oak frame takes place with a team who build oak frames for clients.


oak frame workshop in hereford


I had a peep into the workshops and everything that happens on a daily basis. I discovered the combination of traditional craft skills with cutting edge technology to create a beautiful oak frame. Having an insight into the building of the oak frames allows a first-hand experience into Oakwrights. This will ensure the marketing of Oakwrights is completed in a way that has relevant knowledge for the clients to understand.


For my future career, I now know that researching, learning and having an immediate look into the company I may work for is vital to market a company in the appropriate way.


See for yourself the Oakwrights’ workshop in action!


  1. A journey with Oakwrights – as a client and as part of the marketing team


Oakwrights have a distinct way to get their clients/buyers. Using past projects to inspire the potential self-builders – we are able to help these clients on their self-build journey. There are different stages that buyers may be at for example they might not yet have a plot or they may have a plot but might need help for a project design, therefore, we can help these customers according to the stage they are at.


bespoke timber frame boardroom


As I have been working for the marketing department I have learnt their clever ways to guide clients! -


  • Using the show home, aforementioned in my previous paragraphs.

  • Oakwrights will go to shows such as Harrogate Homebuilding & Renovating (3rd-5th) to showcase what they can offer. They typically go to around 15 per year all around the country.

  • Offering exclusive open days which will take place at a previous and proud Oakwrights self-builders house.

  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Google+ E.g. advertising available plots

  • Word-of-mouth from previous clients is an excellent way of discovering the services Oakwrights have to offer


Using different forms of advertising can build (pun intended) a company as it informs potential clients and existing clients what it is available. Marketing is the only medium you can control – if you want a message to reach a specific audience you can offer helpful knowledge and inspirational information in a way to let them know we offer what they are looking for.


oakwrights brochures, get one today


  1. Marketing as a career pathway


In my week of work experience, I was following in the footsteps of Joseph and Abby - both are part of the marketing team at Oakwrights. What I learned is that marketing is vital to aim your advertisement to your target audience. What would they like? Is this information appropriate? Does it deliver to the standard of the company?


In essence, despite the never-ending scope of careers and opportunities being offered to me, I can now say that I have a more realistic viewpoint of my career pathway. I definitely know that I want to pursue a career in marketing (once completing my degree). I am infatuated with language and how it is used to persuade an audience. Without Oakwrights I would never have had the direct work experience to not only learn about marketing but shape myself as a person who understands how to speak to an audience through different channels of advertising.


Thank you Oakwrights and thank-you to their marketing team for teaching me valuable and life-changing experiences that will help to shape me as a person for my future!





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