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2nd April 2015 / posted by AbbyBarrington

My First Show – The Homebuilding & Renovating National Show 2015

The Intelligent Oak Frame

The morning of the show

The day is finally here - It’s 7.50 am on the morning of my very first show since starting as the Marketing Assistant for Oakwrights. I have been preparing for this particular show for around two months, taking bookings and posting information to social media sites with a lot of time spent on helping the team get everything organised. There are a few last minute preparations before we set off and I am checking, double and triple checking I have printed off all of the time sheets and have everyone’s information ready for the forthcoming days of the show and the excitement is really starting to settle in! It’s now five minutes to 10 and I am ready to set off.

The trip

As we start making our way up the motorway Birmingham bound, I find my mind trying to imagine what the show is going to look like for what must be the hundredth time. Many colleagues have kindly attempted to describe their own experiences of past shows, all with an excited smile on their face, hands waving enthusiastically as they attempt to draw the layout of the NEC for me in the air. All accounts have added to my own excitement and I cannot wait to see the Oakwrights stand for myself and join the rest of the team.

 The morning of the Oakwrights HB and R Show


We have finally made it to the NEC and after parking up it is absolutely pouring with rain and the buses are nowhere to be seen, so we decide to be brave and make a run for it on foot. One major stitch later and feeling slightly soggy we have arrived at the front entrance and I am starting to feel slightly nervous. There are people everywhere and I’m reminded of being in a busy airport and not having a clue where I am going, but luckily my colleagues were here the previous day setting up the Oakwrights stand and know where we are going. Just outside our hall we grab a quick coffee to warm ourselves up and give us a chance to dry off and then head into the Hall.

The New Interactive Touch Screens

First thoughts

Oakwrights is directly in front of me as I walk in and a huge grin spreads across my face as I spot the rest of the team happily chatting away to people and looking very busy. Instantly my nerves disappear and the excitement floods back as we bound over. Clients I had booked in for Architectural Design meetings recognise me from talking to them and we start chatting away about their projects and it’s so nice to meet everyone in person. Soon enough I set off and cannot believe how big the Show is and how much is on offer. I am enthralled by the stands, with some wonderful ideas being displayed and I find myself planning where I could put everything in my home!

Architectural Designer John Williams

After a quick lunch sat down watching everyone bustle around the show enjoying the atmosphere I sit down to watch Tim Crump (Oakwrights Managing Director) get up on stage, who just before he gets up to speak whispers to me “I’m so nervous!”. After a quick smile Tim jumps up onstage and within a few minutes the place packs out and Tim is captivating as he explains all about oak framing, with obvious passion and a wealth of knowledge it was a pleasure to sit and listen to him.

Managing Directer Tim Crump

After another quick look around and getting lost several times (Apparently I cannot use a map!) I find my way back to the Oakwrights stand. After a quick chat to the team about how the day has gone and how much everyone is enjoying themselves, it’s time to set off home. I have had a wonderful day and absolutely loved the show, it was more exciting watching potential self-builders walk around planning their dream homes than I could have imagined. I truly cannot wait to be involved with the next show in Glasgow next month. So finally I have my own experience of a show with Oakwrights, so now when people ask me what it is like i can wave my own arms around wildly. 




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