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17th November 2017 / posted by John

Our Energy Efficient Insulation Panels

Not only is the Oakwrights Encapsulation system highly energy efficient once built, it is also highly energy efficient when being manufactured due to the recycled Warmcel insulation, and it is highly energy efficient when being erected; as the large format panels reduce time on site due to the smaller number of components that have to be put together.


Eco Friendly Insulation


We can’t emphasise enough on how green this system is. The insulation comes from printing over-runs of newspaper print, so the waste that would have gone to landfill is now being put to use insulating Oakwrights homes. Not only is it being put to use, it’s thermally efficient for the occupants of the home it’s been used in, thus saving more energy. There is also zero waste when it’s being installed, as there is no cutting of the products and any spilt insulation can be retrieved and used again – saving waste. As we blow the Warmcell into a closed cavity at high pressure we can ensure there are no gaps and that every nook and cranny is filled, eliminating cold spots – saving money for the self-builder. The large format panels are transported to site, already assembled – saving time. Whichever way we look at this system, it saves – for the environment, for the self-builder, for Oakwrights timber-framed houses.




Naturally, this has become our premium system and we build it so that the walls achieve 0.15 W/m2K and roofs achieve 0.12 W/m2K which is a code for sustainable homes level 6. Some systems that achieve this level of thermal efficiency do not have a high decrement delay figure due to the lightweight makeup of the insulation, our WrightWall Natural encapsulation system boasts a high decrement delay figure due to the high density of the insulation meaning that it takes a very long time for the outside sun to travel through the envelope and into the building, keeping vaulted spaces and room-in-roofs at a comfortable temperature all year round. It also means that any heating that is used is kept inside the building for longer.


A Thermally Efficient Home


Whilst aiming for a very thermally efficient home, we also install into the system an airtightness layer. This layer is of critical importance to the building, and in order for it to last, it needs to have the minimum amount of joins and penetrations in it in order to be successful. To achieve optimum performance, we install the airtightness layer behind a service void so that the electrician and plumber have room for their cables and pipes - leaving the layer intact. Also, as the panels are up to 8m long and 3.4m high there are minimal panel joints on each building reducing the risk of any air leakage. The layer itself is sandwiched between the panel joins and it remains taught as it is wrapped around the panel into the interlocking web of the ‘I’ beams to seal between the panel joints. The core of the system is made up of timber ‘I’ beams. These allow us to create a large, strong panel without the thermal bridge and risk of movement that a solid timber would have, also as they’re a single length top and bottom plate it keeps the panels straight as a dart and strong as an ox!





Air Tight Building Encapsulation


Each panel has metal dovetail connectors installed in the workshop so that when the panels are craned into position on site, they slot together with the neighbouring panel and when lowered into final position, the dovetail pulls the panels tightly together trapping the airtightness layer into the join and sealing the joint permanently. We don’t rely on tapes to guarantee the long-term performance of the airtightness layer; we rely on good, solid, mechanical connectors that will never fail.


Another important aspect of a family home that will truly last for all of your families lives is making sure the living environment is healthy, and the envelope of your home is breathable so if you ever did have any moisture make it into your wall or roof panels, it would naturally wick to the outside of the building and dissipate into the external cavity. There is no risk of mould, there is no risk of condensation, there is no risk in the decay of the building envelope, it will, like the oak frame last for many lifetimes.


Sound Insulation Panels


As we live on a small island and population is increasing, sound deadening is also an important factor to consider. Using Warmcel in the Natural System ensures your home is free from outside noise and installing it in the floors and internal partitions will prevent noise from travelling around the house, leaving your rooms calm, warm and healthy. Other systems rely on insulation saving energy in heating and cooling to provide them with eco-credentials. WrightWall Natural and its use of Warmcel as a major component offers the truly eco-friendly solution and takes waste that society would normally discard and turns it into an essential product that we require. It also allows us to recycle the insulation when the building does come to the end of its life. There seems to be no end to what this product gives us. Why would you choose anything else?




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