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28th July 2017 / posted by Dave Black

The Realms of Possibility – Garages with options: The Highgrove & The Kenchester

Oak Garages at Goodwood


As you may have read a couple of weeks ago, we took one of our Highgrove Garages to Goodwood Festival of Speed in partnership with Deranged. Oakwrights garages are now very popular with car show exhibitors as they look to present their high-quality vehicles in high quality surrounds. What many people do not know about these magnificent structures though, is that they can quite often be constructed under permitted development rights; meaning that you may not need to get planning permission to have this garage.


 oak framed workshop and log store


Once our team have ascertained that the plans meet all of the development rights, it becomes a very straightforward way of achieving a lovely addition to your property. At Oakwrights two of our standard garages fall into this realm of possibility: the Highgrove and the Kenchester garage.


Both of these garages are 5.51m deep, meaning you can fit in most SUV cars. A couple of the Oakwrights directors are quite the fans of Land Rover and made it their priority to be able to fit these vehicles in comfortably so there are no worries about not fitting your cars in the bays.


Sketch Dimension of Kenchester Garage by Oakwrights Country Buildings


The Highgrove has one consistent height of 2.1m from front to back, whereas the Kenchester has a cat slide to the back in more of a traditional style. Further to this, you can leave the bays open, exposing the braces and leaving it more of a carport style or you can add oak doors to make it an enclosed garage.



Highgrove Oak Garage Sketch Dimensions



Workshops in one of the bays are a really useful space to keep everything in, finishing them off with an oak window and door really helps it keep in with the more traditional style. With each bay being a space of 14m sq it creates an absolutely fantastic storage space that you can do a lot with; whether it is for storage or a practical workshop.


the highgrove oak garage at goodwood



Adding a log store?

Log stores on the sides are again a good addition for storing the wood for your log burner without it taking up the extra space in the garage itself, you can get these on either garage styles. The beauty of these garages is that they aren’t off the peg, they are made for you completely bespoke even though we say they are a standard design; you can add in anything that you want and make it personal to you and your property. You can make the garage to work with you.


oak garage at land rover anniversary




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