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8th July 2016 / posted by johnpage

Self build opportunities, a chance to double your money

Oak Frame Investment


Oakwrights understand that for many people, building their own home is not only a life-long dream but a long-term investment. As well as resulting in a truly bespoke oak property, the financial returns of a custom build can be significant – in some cases, enabling homeowners to potentially double their money in just a few years.


Oakwrights customer Rupert Osborn is a prime example. We worked with him to design and build his oak-framed three-bedroom home in Surrey in 2014. As an oak frame can be built in all weather conditions, they take minimal time to construct – in this case just 15 days. The frame was held together by 1,100 giant oak pegs and then the house was wrapped in Oakwrights premium encapsulation product, Wrightwall natural, which insulated it and enabled work to start on the inside of the property, protected from the elements.




Traditional and Contemporary Design


A ‘forever home’, the property was designed by Pete Tonks, in close collaboration with owners Rupert and Lindsay and combines both traditional oak framed home and contemporary design features. Open plan spaces, large areas of glazing and a stunning new staircase are the main features of this stunning home.


The total build cost was £650,000, but the property has now been valued at £1.2 million, a major increase within the two-year timeframe. An oak frame convert, Rupert has also since joined our team as a sales manager.


interior of Oakwrights oak home


Self-build Drive


For those at the start of their self-build journey and who like Rupert, want to create a home for life and a safe investment, it is worth remembering that the Government remains committed to delivering more custom and self-build homes by 2020. The new Housing and Planning Act for example, will force local authorities to ensure that there are enough serviced plots of land available for self-builders. And as part of the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015, which came into force in April 2016, local authorities will have to create and manage a self-build and custom home register. This will help demonstrate demand so that the information can be used to shape their planning policies, land use and decision making.


So although there may be uncertainty surrounding the UK economy at the moment, there is also real opportunity. For the savvy self-builder, the support is here to stay and with the right planning and design, an oak-framed property could offer both a highly attractive new home and a genuine investment opportunity. Find out more about an oak home costs in our dedicated section.


Oakwrights home exterior




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