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14th September 2017 / posted by John

Country Buildings Oak Garage & Car Port Feature at Goodwood Revival 2017

Oakwrights Country Buildings & GreenRooms Sales Manager Charlie Mills, who was onsite at Goodwood with his team, discusses here the ins and outs of the show and the role that Oakwrights Country Buildings played.


What was the atmosphere like at Goodwood Revival?

“It’s unique to anything I have ever been to. Everyone dresses up, everyone’s wearing pre-1960s clothing- anyone who doesn’t, looks out of place, and so it really is like stepping back in time. The stalls, music, events, signs… Everything was so retro and in keeping with the Goodwood era.”


What kind of oak outbuilding did you take to the show?


“We used a 3 Bay ‘Room Over’ Gloucester Oak timber framed Garage / Oak Car Port, with 2 Dormer windows and 3 roof lights. The structure also featured an external green oak staircase and Larch weatherboarding.”





Was the timber garage structure made especially for the event?

“Yes, it was - at the BBC Countryfile Live Show this year we used a client’s building to show, and it looked so good that we decided to make another! This time round we used Bowen Trading to fit out the upstairs with furniture in order to remain in keeping with the revival theme, as well as to show off how much space our room over garages have, and what it is possible to use it for. We had a writing desk under one Dormer window, a sitting area with sofa in the centre of the space, and a double bed at the back along with a dressing area and bedside tables. It really was a great space, it looked fantastic when it was all set up, and watching people’s faces stepping through the door to admire it was brilliant.”



How long did the oak garage kit it take to assemble?

“It took 7 days to put up, due to some pre-cut and prepared pieces which saved us a fair amount of time. We also roofed it with black Onduline to give it a corrugated effect, but this was also a speedy option. Some people love it, others don’t - I personally think it looks good.”





How did you go about dressing the room over the garage space, and how did you go about finding people to assist with that process?

“We looked to have furniture up there, but we didn’t want it to look like a last minute afterthought. After all, we only decided to go to Goodwood Revival with a room over structure in the middle of August, so we were very limited in what we could achieve given the time scale. We spoke to a few partners initially but they didn’t have the turn-around time; in the end we found Bowen Trading which wound up being a great decision anyway, as he were able to match the revival theme! There was of course, the additional challenge of Peter Sandeman (our main correspondent at Bowen Trading) being out of the country during our initial planning, which made it a bit harder to organise over video call, but we made it work in the end. After all, if it was easy, everyone would do it!





How did the crowds react to the Garage and Carport on display?

“We had great response from the public - from people simply admiring the structure, to people who were very interested in it and asking a lot of questions. We had a lot of people discussing various projects with us; people were asking about houses as well as projects abroad. The stand is mainly there to catch the eye and showcase something that we can do, but in reality, we can do absolutely anything from a shed through to a dream traditional oak framed home; the challenge is managing to show that off in just one stand!” 



So, was the Country Buildings display a success?

“It was a great success. We often take a single storey garage to shows because ordinarily, we’re very conscious of time constraints, but this year we wanted to challenge ourselves and show off a bit of what we’re capable of - and what better way of doing that than at a show? A 2-storey oak framed construction built for 3 days; if we can’t make your dream a reality, then who else can!”





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