A beautiful oak frame workshop in Bedfordshire

Words from workshop owner, Sue:


What prompted you to build an oak framed workshop?

Several things prompted our build.

The main one was our forthcoming retirement from what had been ‘full on’ busy careers, and the need now to get on with all those outstanding jobs which we had never had time for in the past!

Added to the above, I had a garage crammed full of gardening equipment, car accessories and tools, but little space for cars!

Conveniently, there had always been a piece of garden next to the garage which was a bit of an eyesore and this proved to be an ideal site for the new building.


What inspired the design of your workshop?

I wanted a traditional look for my workshop that was aesthetically enjoyable to work in; yet it needed to be big enough to house a quantity of DIY tools, while still allowing for plenty of light.

Additionally, I decided to create a patio and covered area by the open doors so that we could work outside and continue to enjoy our barbecues even when it rained.


Why did you choose to build with oak?

I decided to build with oak because I have an oak garden room attached to my period, partially timbered house; and it was important that the new build blended in with these features.


Why did you choose Oakwrights?

From the outset Oakwrights responded promptly, understood what I wanted, and came up with drawings to match my brief. I found their ‘can do’ approach very refreshing.  Oakwrights also came in well within my budget of £20,000.

What challenges did you face?

The biggest challenge was in getting the new build to align with the existing garage, both in terms of floor level and roof height.


What advice would you give someone embarking on a project like this?

Having concentrated so much on what the building would look like on the outside, the best advice I can give to anyone embarking on a similar project is to make sure you know what it will look like on the inside, particularly if you know you will be spending serious amounts of time in there.

With the remainder of my budget, the roofers were able to install velux rooflights and I commissioned the village carpenter to insulate and line the inside walls. I also made sure I had plenty of power points.

The workshop has heralded the beginning of a new era. It now looks out onto the garden pond and seating area and brings together both work and play. Lighting has been added to the building and expanded into the garden too; and the whole area looks stunning both by day and night. Added to all this, I now have a garage capable of taking cars and a workshop equipped with all the tools necessary to catch up with a myriad of jobs.