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5 tips to make the most of your new garden barn this Christmas

As an additional outdoor space, a garden barn can serve many functions, especially at Christmas. From a quiet place to craft handmade gifts or even an opportunity for a Santa’s grotto, read on this week for our top five tips to make the most of your new garden barn during the festive season.


A garden barn come games room
A spot of light competition is always amusing and a great way to spend a chilly winters evening. A garden barn come games room is, therefore, an excellent way to bring everyone together. Create a dedicated area in your garden barn for gameplay, entertaining and more. There’ll also be plenty of space for any ‘present overflow’ to keep your house clutter-free.

Christmas hobby room
If you’re the creative type who loves to make handmade gifts at Christmas, a timber frame garden barn will provide a retreat to indulge in your favourite hobby. Whether that’s a sewing room for novelty knits, a workshop or a place to make festive garlands, escape the hustle and bustle of a busy household – you never know, it may even become a business!

Festive nibbles with your friends
Your garden barn will offer a unique setting to gather friends together for festive nibbles from your local deli, before embarking on the festivities. Your lovely, bespoke outbuilding will be the talk of the town and such a gathering may even become a regular occasion.

Create a Santa’s grotto
Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like seeing children meet Father Christmas. It’s a truly magical moment they remember forever, especially if the man himself has visited them. With the oak frame creating everlasting character, you could dress your garden barn as Santa’s grotto using plenty of decorations, ambient lighting and lots of fabric: you’ll just need to work out who’s playing Saint Nick.

Your very own private local
Sometimes the walk to the pub can be rather off-putting, especially after a long day. So bring the bar to your home with a garden barn and create your very own private local. Invite guests to enjoy a few sherries or maybe some of your home-brewed beer. Your oak outbuilding will also be great for containing party noise when it gets late.


Thank you for reading this week’s post about making the most of your new oak framed garden barn this Christmas. For more details on our bespoke outbuildings, please get in touch or request a brochure.