5 ways to welcome autumn into your home

The season of autumn heightens our senses in a number of amazing ways… The feeling of soft, knitted blankets replaces lightweight cottons, the distant memory but familiar sound of crackling bonfires is reignited, the smell of fresh rain in place of cut grass is in the air, and the more frequent sight of scurrying squirrels who are rested and recharged after their summertime of nesting, to name just a few.

So, in this blog we thought we would explore how we can take inspiration from our surroundings to welcome autumn into our homes


1. Let’s begin with cosy colours

We only have to glance out of our windows to notice telltale signs that autumn has arrived. Gorgeous green backdrops are beginning to transform into a sea of crisp crimsons, hues of yellow and burnt oranges, and here in Herefordshire, locals can appreciate the familiar sights of cider orchards bursting with ripened apples which are ready to be pressed at mills such as Bulmers in Ledbury, one of the world’s largest cider mills.

With this in mind, let’s take a leaf out of Nature’s book by incorporating these autumnal colours into our everyday interiors! From inviting tablescapes to alluring fireplace décor, click here to read Country Living’s homeware trends for autumn.

A burnt orange throw and patterned cushion creates a cosy ambience

2. Craft a DIY autumnal arrangement

When you picture a wreath, do you envisage a festive combination of textures and tones that have been delicately woven together in a circular shape? Well, it turns out that wreaths make wonderful decorative additions all year round, not just for Christmas! In fact, You Magazine report that Etsy have seen a 70% increase in demand for autumn wreaths.

In place of pinecones, spruce and ivory, why not collect some of the outdoor wonders you stumble across during a weekend walk this month! Conkers, feathers, foliage; whatever you can find will make a truly personal piece that is unique to your home.


3. Enjoy a spot of fruitful foraging

And while you are taking in the great outdoors, you could extend your search by scrumping wild fruits…

As summer turns to autumn, fruits such as damsons and sloes ripen and fall. From scrumptious Sunday lunch crumbles to flavoured gins, the possibilities are endless, and it would be a shame to waste them if they are on our doorsteps! So, if you would like to try your hand at a wild food recipe, here is a link to Country File’s responsible foraging guides.

Freshly picked plums from 'Woodlands' in Worcestershire: the UK’s first certified oak frame Passivhaus Bed and Breakfast

4. Cheers to the harvest with a seasonal supper

Building on the theme of flavoursome foods and drinks, why not plan an evening with family and friends and hunker down over a warming meal packed with wholesome, harvest ingredients.

The past several months have been difficult for us all, and so what better way to spread laughter and cheer than by drawing together a menu filled to the brim with reminders of last month’s gatherings and foods of the season to come. This slow-cooked pork, cider and sage hotpot looks just the ticket, or if you would prefer something sweeter, in this video Tim Crump’s wife, Serena, makes a delicious gooseberry and ginger tart with fruits from September.


5. Create an autumnal ambience with light

Chillier mornings and evenings coupled with dwindling daylight hours are Nature’s way of easing us into the months ahead…

If you own a woodburner or fireplace of any kind, the time has nearly come to gather the logs and kindling before striking a match and immersing yourself in the warmth of the flickering flames! Nostalgic, scented candles are also a fantastic way of naturally illuminating a room while creating comfort and cosiness this season. Here is an amazing list of autumn-inspired candles that will fill your home with fragrance.


For more interior ideas and inspiration, you can visit our Case Studies webpage where there are galleries of beautiful photographs showcasing our clients’ completed oak frame homes.