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Before we begin to draw up your project…

Before the designer begins to draw up your project, we need to get everyone involved to sit down and hand the project over, so we have a thorough understanding of the project we are undertaking. We will also be given a 3D SketchUp drawing from the estimating office. Soon after this, we will produce a timeline to give you a clear indication of what to expect and when, so there are no surprises!

Client Handover

We will organise a handover at your property with your initial contact, the designer and the project manager so that you can be properly introduced to the people who will be heavily involved in your project. Here we can answer any initial design or project queries you have, and run through the SketchUp model. From this point on until production, your designer is your main point of contact.

Initial Design

Using Dietrich’s, our 3D CAD software, we can begin the design using the plans and elevations given to us by the architect. We will take all your desires into consideration when designing, whether that is to aim for a contemporary look or to keep things traditional, for example. We can liaise with you throughout this process and send visuals for any alterations you may want to make.

Client Model Review

Once we are happy the design suits your requirements, we will arrange for you to have a free night’s stay in our show home, where we will schedule a model review to look around your 3D model and make sure you are happy with it. This is a great time to really get a feel for the home you are about to build and the space inside. You can voice any thoughts and make any last tweaks.

Oakwrights Show Home Photo credit: Oakwrights

Drawing Packages

Your set of drawings will include frame drawings, floor and roof plans, masonry plans and encapsulation elevations. We also send a set to a structural engineer to confirm that the building is structurally sound.

To Production

Once both yourself and the engineer have signed the drawing package off we can prepare the frame for production. We joint the oak frame in the Dietrich’s model, which will send the millimetre accurate information to our CNC machine and work out the most time efficient way of cutting the oak. We can then begin to create another set of drawings, for the workshop to use. We send the machine file over, and the oak is ordered.

The Build!

As everything is pre-assembled in the workshops to ensure every joint is fine-tuned, you will likely be amazed at the speed that your frame is erected. This is the exciting part of the process when you can see it coming together and stand inside the frame of your soon-to-be home. We provide all our clients with an aftercare pack which will give you all the information you need as you move on.

By Frederica Herbert, Trainee Designer