How to utilise a room over garage for multi-generational living

More families than ever are opting to live together for varying reasons, so if you’re considering expanding your home, read on this week for more about how room over garages can help to support multi-generational living.


What is multi-generational living?

This is trend that’s increased over the past two decades, where homes accommodate living space for two or more generations. It’s largely driven by a number of young adults who live with parents and older generations who rethink their living arrangements, and move closer to their loved ones.


The benefits of multi-generational living

There are many benefits to multi-generational living which depend on your circumstances. If you have elderly parents, it means they’ll be near if health issues are becoming a problem or if they just want to live closer to you for a little extra support.

According to the National House Building Council, there are also more young adults living at home than ever before. Factors include returning from university and the increased deposits needed to buy their own property. Moving back home can also help graduates settle into the working world and provide a secure base to focus on goals.

Room over garages for older relatives

Childcare is a very good reason why multi-generational living works so well. After spending a lovely day with their grandchild/grandchildren, a room over garage will provide grandparents with a space they can retire back to.

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Room over garages for young adults

Room over garages are the perfect balance between parental instinct and freedom. Regardless of a family member’s age, you want to know they’re safe and this newfound sense of security is priceless.

As students return home from their studies, flying the nest is proving to be increasingly difficult. Parents are, therefore, looking for ways to accommodate them with their independence intact.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our post on multi-generational living. If you’re in need of inspiration for room over garages, click here to download our brochure.

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