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Oak framing in the West Midlands – a first time adventure

A story told from the perspective of our ‘man in the north’, Craig Holden:

One August day, an excited Richard and Pam called us to enquire about designing and building their very own bespoke Oakwrights home, on a plot of land in their garden. The call was transferred to my predecessor who invited them to one of our open days in Hereford to discuss ideas and meet one of our Architectural Designers.

Meeting our Architectural Designers

As part of the open day in Hereford, Richard and Pam were introduced to our Architectural Designer, John Williams, who unbeknownst to him was about to embark on a two year journey with the Pearses; taking them from a pipe dream to the house of their dreams.

Fast forward to November, I had made the leap from working on site to being part of the sales team and was quickly thrown in at the deep end. One of my first meetings was with Pam on site, approximately two weeks before the planning decision date. I was quite nervous as the contract had not been signed and I knew that the team at Oakwrights had put a lot of time into the project, which could have so easily slipped through our fingers – no pressure! I was in luck, Pam was a delight and already knew a huge amount about the product, so she went easy on me thank goodness. Working with the 3D model we provide, I ran through the benefits of using our WrightWall Natural system, which provides excellent U-values, but more importantly brings monthly household bills down dramatically.

Obtaining Planning

After a nail biting few weeks, we got word that the planning was a success. I’m really not sure who was more excited Richard and Pam or me!

Destination-Day arrived and I was on my way to the site in Redditch to try and secure my first contract with a self-builder and agree on what Richard and Pam wanted to go ahead with build-wise. A million and one thoughts ran through my mind from panicking that they wouldn’t want an oak frame after all, to what system they might decide on.

Greeted by Richard on arrival, we took a seat in the kitchen and to my delight, they wanted to go ahead with us. As ever there were going to be a few hurdles to jump through, so with this in mind I left to write up my first contract for the oak frame.

Oak Frame Insulation

A few weeks passed, and the ball was rolling, the oak frame was into contract and the next stop was the Encapsulation. After much deliberation, Richard and Pam decided on the Natural system. I drew up the contract and was Redditch bound once again, however, this time I arrived to find the kitchen had been turned into a hospital suite following a fall from a horse that Pam had taken. Straight away I suggested that we delay the project. Pam and Richard were undeterred and the contract was signed.

I have kept in regular contact with Richard and Pam ever since, and the relationship with Oakwrights has flourished since they moved into their home in the Winter of 2015. This year the couple hosted their very own open day to show potential self-builders just what is achievable with an oak frame home.


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