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Our doors are open and our lights are on: it’s all humming at Oakwrights

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update:


Our doors are open

To reassure all our customers, Oakwrights are operating normally. We actioned our pre-existing Business Continuity Plan, and are taking all sensible precautions to avoid customers and staff being exposed to any risk. Wherever possible staff are working remotely, while ‘thinning-out’ has enabled those who have to work at our facilities to spread-out and ‘socially isolate’.


The oak supply is secure

Although governments have announced the closure of European borders, this won’t affect freight traffic. Our continental oak suppliers assure us there will be no interruption in supply. (Some French mills have been told to shut down; this was for two weeks today, however it’s one. They have been quiet and have ample capacity.) As a contingency, we have contacted English saw mills who say they have capacity to supply if we require.

We have ample stocks of all other materials used in our process so production can continue.

We have three large workshops where our teams (through their own choice) operate with all doors open year round allowing for good air flow. To support social distancing while maintain production, our teams are now taking breaks in their vehicles or spread around three canteens.


We are cleaning

Our canteens and offices are cleaned by our contract cleaners every evening and as an added precaution, we clean every door handle twice a day.

Our site teams are taking care to keep a distance from each other while employing extra hygiene measures. They are mostly working outside and they are, by the nature of the job, young, fit and healthy.


We are screening

As of today, we have not had anyone at Oakwrights who has exhibited symptoms, nor anybody who has had any kind of contact or interaction with anybody who has the symptoms.

We have not allowed any staff who have flown anywhere (or if their partners have flown) to return to work for 14 days. We are set up to screen staff should they feel any kind of symptoms, and anyone who phones-in uncertain, or with a child coughing, are asked to stay at home.


We have strength and depth

All key staff have at least one immediate ‘shadow’ or deputy so production can continue.


The timelines remain steady

At this time of year the manufacturing side of the business typically runs at about 70% of full capacity. We can use overtime to increase current capacity, and meet deadlines.

Most of our house projects take around five months from placing an order, to delivery on-site. We expect an order placed today would be in manufacture in the second half of June. For outbuildings and extensions, the lead-in times are more variable depending on the exact nature of the project, and can be much shorter.

A quick phone call to our office on 01432 353 353 can give you an indicative timeline.


We recognise the situation changes on a daily basis, and will therefore be reviewing all working practices as we gain more information.