Show home

Is life in an oak frame house for me?

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘home shopping’, our beautiful show home will give you a true feel of what living in an oak frame would be like. When making one of the largest purchases you will ever do, you need to know you are making the right choice. Staying at The Woodhouse is the ideal opportunity to consolidate your ideas and to conjure up your own dream home.

The Woodhouse isn’t designed to act as a precise template as every building plot is different and you will have your own specific wish-list. However its real purpose is to allow you to touch the materials, to experience the living spaces at different times of the day and to discuss in private your likes and dislikes. Left to your own devices, you can play with the lighting and music programmes, rest in the comfort of our cosy lounge while watching a film, cook in the country style kitchen or relax overlooking the beautiful Herefordshire countryside out on the decking.

A night or more at The Woodhouse is probably the best investment you can make in terms of sheer enjoyment, value for money and inspiration. Photographs simply can’t capture the spirit of the building or convey the sheer quality of workmanship, and if you need further motivation before embarking upon their own build then this is it.

How do I book my stay?

This ‘Try Before You Buy’ opportunity is extremely popular, so please try to book well ahead to make sure you aren’t disappointed and there is availability on the date that you desire. 

The cost of an overnight stay is £165 per night, based on the use of the main bedroom with accompanying en-suite. There are two further double bedrooms available for guests at a cost of £65 per night. Further information is available on request. 

To book, simply contact Jess Mapp on 01432 361 966 or email  and we will make the arrangements, even down to your dietary requirements for your complimentary breakfast hamper and choice of wine.

On arrival we will meet you and guide you through the property to make sure that you are comfortable for the duration of your stay.  For a full accessibility guide to The Woodhouse click here.

Please note: The show home is a strictly no-smoking area and there are no pets allowed. We also do not allow candles for fire safety reasons.