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Try Before You Buy

Oakwrights are able to offer prospective clients the unique opportunity of staying overnight in our fully functioning show home in what we call our ‘Try Before You Buy’ option. Designed and built by Oakwrights, it serves to demonstrate both how attractive and enhancing an oak frame home can be to live in, and as an example of how creative and intelligent design can be used to stunning effect even on small and awkward plots such as this. (The house is featured in our case studies section). Located just five minutes drive from our offices, and overlooking idyllic pastoral scenery, the show home is a ‘Post & Beam’ country house in a style we describe as ‘Country Contemporary’. Primarily open plan, with the frames themselves dividing the room space downstairs, it has been finished to the highest specification throughout and is a testament to thoughtful design coupled with tasteful décor. Since its launch this opportunity has proved a great success with those that have stayed, as evidenced by the remarks in the visitor’s book. Many have commented how it has given them inspiration not only with regard to design ideas, but also to go on and build their own dream home.

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘home shopping’, the company’s stunning post-and-beam Herefordshire show home is clearly a sales tool, but it also offers so much more to the prospective self-builder, keen to discover if life in an oak-framed building is really for them. An ill-fitting pair of shoes can be hidden away at the back of the wardrobe and forgotten, but an ill-fitting house will be a constant source of irritation, and the outlay could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Staying at The Woodhouse is the ideal way to consolidate your ideas and to conjure up your own dream home. The house isn’t designed to act as a precise template - every building plot is different and each homeowner will create their own specific wish-list. Its real purpose is to allow you to touch the materials, to experience the living spaces at different times of the day and to discuss in private your likes and dislikes. Left to your own devices, you can play with the lighting and music programmes, test out the body-jet showers and bounce on the king-sized beds with no-one to comment or disapprove. Simple experiences - such as the knowledge that travertine flooring feels surprisingly warm under bare feet - are just as important as the weightier technical issues. A night or more at The Woodhouse is probably the best investment any prospective self-builder could make in terms of sheer enjoyment, value for money and inspiration. Photographs simply can’t capture the spirit of the building or convey the sheer quality of workmanship, and if anyone needs further motivation before embarking upon their own build then this is it.

Try before you buy

Apparently, (and rather worryingly), most of us spend more time looking for shoes than we do on finding the perfect home! Choosing a brand new house usually involves little more than a quick thumb through a glossy brochure, or a cursory glance around a mocked-up show home decorated with bowls of plastic fruit - which is exactly why Oakwrights’ ground-breaking Try Before You Buy concept is such a huge success.

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The Oakwrights woodhouse in summer
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The 'Try Before You Buy' opportunity is extremely popular, so please try to book well ahead to make sure the house is available on the date that you desire. To book, simply contact Oakwrights' offices and we will make the arrangements, even down to your dietary requirements for your complimentary breakfast hamper and choice of wine. An Oakwrights team member will meet you and guide you through The Woodhouse to make sure that you are comfortable for the duration of your stay.

The show home is equipped as a fully functioning home (including bed linen, towels & robes) so you should only need to bring your overnight bags for your stay.

The cost of an overnight stay at the Show Home is £165, based on the use of the one main bedroom with en-suite. There is one other double bedroom available for further guests at a cost of an additional £65 per night. Alternative sleeping arrangements are also available in the Show Home for a further two guests – further information available on request.

Please note - The Oakwrights Show Home is a strictly no-smoking area and there are no pets allowed.

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