Church Cottage in Herefordshire

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The homeowners

After spending countless hours looking for their dream home, Charlie and Helen decided to purchase Plot 1 on a development site in Herefordshire and build it instead.

New to the self-build world, Charlie and Helen are basing their build on the design of Church cottage; an aisle-style oak frame home from our Cottage range which features a striking, double-height glazed façade to the rear elevation.

There was a second plot available on this Herefordshire site and this was purchased by their friends, Craig and LB, who are also embarking on a self-build journey to create their own cottage-style home.

Before we discuss Charlie and Helen’s @church.cottage self-build journey, discover more about the couple and their reasons for building, here.

The floorplans

Charlie and Helen altered certain aspects of the Church cottage floorplans from our Cottage range to create a structure that completely met their personal requirements.

Downstairs, Charlie and Helen wanted to make the most of the light exposure from the amazing glazed gable and create a generous open-plan space for entertaining, so, they chose not to have dividing walls. As a result of this, they’ve had to be imaginative with their stairs which you can read more about as the self-build blogs (below) progress.

It was important for Charlie and Helen that this sense of space resonated upstairs too. They removed the bath from the master en-suite that is included in the original design of Church cottage and utilised this extra space to create a separate dressing room.

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The self-build blogs

What is it like to build your own home? How did both couples balance their working lives with their builds? What important decisions did Charlie and Helen have to make?

Discover for yourself how Charlie and Helen, and Craig and LB’s self-build journeys evolved to create their dream oak frame cottages:

  1. The planning and design processes
  2. The ground clearance
  3. The groundworks
  4. Fitting the methane membrane
  5. Designing the oak frames
  6. Fitting the encapsulation systems
  7. First fix plumbing and electrics
  8. Brickwork and ventilation
  9. Plastering and rendering
  10. Applying mist coats and removing the scaffolding
  11. Second fix plumbing and electrics
  12. Second fix carpentry and flooring
  13. Kitchen designs and final finishes.

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