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There is a direct relationship between the time you devote to your project and its final cost. Few self-builders do much of the manual work: they rely instead on builders and tradespeople, however considerable savings can be made if you can do some or all of the project management.

If you do need to employ a specialist to oversee the build, budget based on Gross External area.

The cost of the frame depends on the complexity of design and structural completeness. In general, we would expect this to be between 10-25 per cent of the total build cost.

Here to help you

We understand that embarking on a self-build is a large decision and that you may need to gather more information. To help with your decision we attend various regional exhibitions and hold open days at client’s homes as well as our own ‘Woodhouse’ showhome where we can answer your questions and review your drawings. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us to have your questions answered.

If you already have plans or an oak framed house design that you would like quoted for, please post your drawings to our offices or e-mail them to: enquiries@oakwrights.co.uk. Our estimating department will then interpret the design, produce a 3D model and provide a free quotation.