The benefits of building with a timber frame

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The benefits of building with a timber frame

With almost 22% of new build and self-build homes being constructed using timber framing techniques, this traditional construction method is more popular than ever.

If you are considering embarking on a self-build oak home project, then below are some of the unique advantages and information about building with a timber frame.

Designed with structure in mind

Due to the strength of green oak, your home can be designed so that the oak frame supports your entire house. This gives more flexibility in design allowing for expansive spaces to be created as there is no need for internal load bearing walls.

To achieve the best possible oak framed outcome for your dream house or forever build, it is important that you choose to work with a specialist company who understands the best way to work with an oak frame to give you a design that meets all your requirements aesthetically and practically.

Speed of construction

As oak frame structures can be constructed offsite, time onsite is significantly reduced. This means external factors that can cause delays such as weather are less of a factor than when building with bricks and mortar.

One thing to note is the importance of making sure you are happy with your design before your frame is constructed as it is hard to make amendments after this stage.

Eco-friendly building material

The green oak that we use is low impact, carbon neutral, renewable and sustainable. It is also incredibly energy efficient, proof of which is the recent completion of the very first oak framed Passivhaus in the UK, using our very own encapsulation panels, WrightWall Natural.

To find out more about how you could build an energy efficient home read about our Garnett project by clicking here