5 ways to spring your home into summer

Clear blue skies, longer days of sunshine and warmer temperatures have been a welcoming sign that summer is here. So, how can we ensure we relish every moment of that summery feeling inside our homes too?

In this blog, we explore just a handful of the many ways you can invite the season in…


1. Set the tone with cheery colours

Whether you love bright and bold prints because they invoke visions of tropical destinations, or tranquil blue and white tones as you enjoy setting sail on the open water or favour staycations by the coast, transform your home into an uplifting reminder of past and future holidays.

From sprucing up your kitchen linens or living room cushions, to giving a particular wall a new lease of life with a large feature canvas or a collection of memorable photographs, you can add colour in so many different ways to achieve that summertime homely feeling.

Brighten up your living space with eye-catching interior furnishings and accessories

2. Say hello to summery scents

Opening your windows and doors to the cooling breeze of a new day is so refreshing.

To add to this ambience, if there is a particular scent which fills you to the brim with happiness, why not introduce an infused candle, diffuser, soap or spray into your home so you can appreciate it every day. For inspiration, please click here to view Sophie Allport’s latest collection of home fragrances which include Honey Spiced Lavender and Hedgerow Berries.


3. Stock up on feel-good flavours

Summer presents an amazing opportunity for us to experiment with fresh, vibrant and truly tasty ingredients, from breakfast to supper time.

To test drive amazing recipes which are bursting with flavours, Delicious Magazine has a range of ideas that are perfect for varying occasions or times of the day, so all you have to do is fill up your cupboards and fridge, and let your creativity flow!

The taste of summer: what ingredients say 'summer' to you?

4. Swap in light linens and cooling cottons

They have served their purpose throughout the winter, but now you may like to stow away those cosy fleeces and thicker sheets for later in the year. While you are up in the loft or rearranging a space to safely store them, make sure you revive that trusty bundle of soft and lightweight covers and throws for those warmer evenings.


5. Surround yourself with fresh flowers

Whether they are ready to be handpicked from your garden, gifted by your neighbours or your local shop has bunches waiting to be taken home, arranging fresh flowers in living areas is a lovely way of inviting the outside in, while guaranteeing a passing by smile.

For an instant ray of light, you can’t beat a sunflower in bloom standing proudly in a tall vase, while pairing freesias and roses will add a pop of summertime colour and will smell beautiful.


For more interior ideas and inspiration, you can visit our Case Studies webpage where there are galleries of beautiful photographs showcasing our clients’ completed oak frame homes.