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5 wonderful health benefits of an oak framed garden room

Oak frame garden room extension Photo credit: Oakwrights

An Oakwrights oak framed garden room is a beautifully bespoke timber extension attached to a house. It integrates the home and garden and is a modern alternative to the classic conservatory or orangery. The beauty of having a garden room means you can enjoy the outdoors come rain or sunshine. They’re also sustainably built and can improve your well-being; read on to find out how…


A space to practice mindfulness

One of the biggest challenges of modern life is the busy lifestyles that we lead. An oak framed garden room will, therefore, provide some space for you to take five out. Harmoniously linking with your garden, this zen-like den will give you more room to breathe. So get some head space and ​practice with this helpful tool​ – what can you hear, touch, taste, smell and see?


Exposure to sunlight and Vitamin D

There are many benefits to natural daylight, it wards off seasonal depression for starters. Then there’s the importance of Vitamin D for ​a range of health areas​ like obesity and also blood pressure. So at Oakwrights, we recommend making the most of the sun with an oak framed garden room with plenty of glazing. You’ll be happier, healthier and sleeping much better, the positive effects are pretty remarkable.

Oak frame garden room extension Photo credit: Joseph Holder

Timber boosts mental wellness

Although we’ve touched on the effects of mindfulness and having a place to get thoughts in order, what’s even better is an environment that has been crafted with biophilic design. The term biophilic means connecting with nature in order to feel at peace and it has been proven that timber such as green oak ​improves performance and reduces stress​. It also aides a quicker recovery for those under the weather and boasts many other long term effects. Additionally, our sustainable methods will reduce your carbon footprint and your room’s overall impact on the environment.


A better work-life balance

Work-related stress is on the rise​ and equates to 43 per cent of workplace illness. Many organisations are, therefore, offering employees the opportunity to work flexible hours. ​Finland is currently leading the way with this balance​, allowing colleagues to work from home remotely. Consequently, an oak framed garden room will be a place of focus to hit the laptop for a few hours.


An oak framed garden room for potted plants

Did you know that having some greenery around the home can do amazing things for our health? English Ivy is known to absorb air mould whereas Lavender has a calming effect. An oak framed garden room will provide the right type of climate to keep any house plants thriving. It may even inspire you to get outside and connect with the garden – ​gardening has many health benefits of its own​.


Thank you for reading this week’s post to explore oak framed garden rooms. An extension of your home, this timber frame build is guaranteed to have a positive impact on your lifestyle. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with one of our Regional Design Consultants who​ will talk you through every possibility.


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