Like with all building work in the UK, your oak frame building will need to comply with current statutory building codes. 

Building Regulations

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Ensuring your building compliance

Our in-house Architectural Designers will create a Building Regulations package for you.

Building Regulations mainly focus on the safety, durability and integrity of the build. This includes its structural stability, insulation, thermal performance and fire safety.

Our team develops and submits a set of detailed drawings that are checked for compliance. Your principle contractor also organises regular site visits to check the building matches approved plans. You will need to pay a fee for both stages of the inspecting bodies’ work.

Detailed design and standard details packages

To supplement your Building Regulations drawing package, we offer a ‘Standard Details’ package of drawings. This outlines further drawn construction details which are useful for both tendering the project to establish construction costs, and ensuring your builders on-site have all the information they need to complete your home around your oak frame and encapsulation system.

These details include:

  • External finishes
  • Junctions
  • Eaves and verge details
  • The junction with your foundations

This package will be assembled to suit your project. Your set of drawings should reduce the number of queries you (or your project manager) has on-site and ensures the on-site work integrates with your oak frame build as smoothly as possible.