A village style home is typically designed to suit its surroundings. For example, you will find the external look of an oak frame home in Herefordshire very different to a Cotswolds stone-clad home. In any case, the interior layout will reflect your individual requirements.  

The village home

A village home is styled to suit its surroundings. When deciding on your oak frame home, there are a number of considerations to be taken into account. Do you want a home that blends in seamlessly? Or do you want to build something that will make a statement?

Either way, we will work with you to design a home that works with the vernacular and fulfils your lifestyle needs.

Typical village style features

Throughout the UK there are areas with their own character, inspired by the local vernacular. For example a traditional oak frame set within a village in Kent or Herefordshire would have a very different character to a stone clad home set in a Cotswold or Yorkshire village, but all can incorporate an oak frame to great advantage.

When designing your village inspired oak frame home we will work with you to combine your requirements for both internal space and external aesthetics while seamlessly fitting to the local vernacular with either a traditional or contemporary style that will exceed expectations.