Custom build homes

What is custom build?

The growth of custom build sites and plots across the UK has created another route to support you on your home building journey. Managed by a developer, the majority of these sites comprise plots of varying sizes, shapes and aspects, so you can choose a location for your home that ticks all your boxes.

Traditionally, one of the biggest self-build challenges was finding a plot of land which you could feel confident of securing planning permission on. One of the many benefits of choosing a custom build site is that your developer will already have outline or full planning permission approved, bringing you a step closer to building your dream home.

Top 5 advantages of custom build homes

What other benefits can a custom build site offer you?

From an architectural home design that has been tailored to meet your specific needs and lifestyle, to having predetermined utility connections and services in place, click on the link below to read our blog on the ‘Top 5 advantages of custom build homes’.

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Find your future plot

Here at Oakwrights, our in-house teams will provide a fully supportive approach to your upcoming project, starting by helping you to locate the perfect plot if you are looking for one. In fact, we may already have the ideal site for your oak frame home available!

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