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What is turnkey?

With lives becoming busier than ever, juggling both family and work commitments means you may not have the time to project manage your own build however, this shouldn’t put you off from building your forever dream home.

So, why not let us manage it on your behalf?

Our turnkey service gives you the flexibility to build your oak frame home with the support of an experienced turnkey project manager, who will look after every aspect of your project. From sourcing and managing trades, to handpicking those all-important, final finishes for you to choose from; rest assured, they will turn your vision into a reality, so by the end you can quite literally ‘turn the key’ to unlock your oak frame home.

Top turnkey benefits

1. A single point of contact
Instead of managing a list of trades, you will only liaise with one contact: your turnkey project manager. They will carefully select and co-ordinate each trade as and when required. So, all you need to do is share your thoughts with them and choose the relevant finishes, feeling confident that your home is in safe hands.

2. Expertise under one roof
Your turnkey project manager will work alongside other in-house departments who are involved in the creation of your oak framed home, such as our in-house Architectural Design team and our Frame and Encapsulation Design team. Managing your build internally will help to streamline the entire project, so it can be executed on-site with the highest attention to detail.

3. Reducing time on-site
Your turnkey project manager will work to a pre-determined construction schedule that will streamline your build from start to finish, allowing you to plan around your move in date in advance.

Our turnkey service can be combined with one of our award-winning encapsulation systems to insulate your home. As these systems are fabricated (to seamlessly fit around your oak frame) in our workshops and are brought to site in a large panel format that easily clip together, the build time required on-site is reduced. You can even have your windows pre-fitted into your panels in our workshops, further reducing the on-site build time. This process will also achieve a dry shell faster, saving you money while driving your build forwards.

4. Cost efficiencies
It’s this reduction of time on-site, coupled with your turnkey project manager’s vast industry experience and understanding of your build, which will help you reduce associated costs such as:

• the rent for temporary accommodation
• the insurance required for your building site
• the rent for building facilities (e.g. temporary toilets and on-site storage),
• the hire of machinery.

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