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Words from homeowners, Mr and Mrs T

1. What prompted your decision to build?

We are gregarious people and frequently entertain a growing number of family and friends. So, we decided to extend our living room not only to give us more space inside, but also to allow our entertainment area to extend the living area into the garden in the summer months.

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2. Why did you choose to build your garden room with Oakwrights?

We were keen to extend but not into a regular conservatory. Our home has wooden windows and Tudor-style beams on the outside and so a wooden framed extension was the preferred choice to fit with the existing features. We also wanted to create continuity from the existing living room, again with oak features, to a garden room with a characterful view out onto the garden. After much searching and deliberation we chose Oakwrights, who offered beautiful and flexible designs.

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3. What key features did your bespoke oak frame design have to include?

One of the most important key features were the bifold doors; allowing outside and in to become one area within the summer months. We were also keen to have an aesthetically pleasing beamed pitched roof and the feature of a tall unusual glass wall. In winter, of course, I could just imagine showing off an impressive Christmas tree there too!

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4. What do you predominately use your garden room for?

It’s such a beautiful and restful room that we use for chilling out on quiet weekends and for entertaining on busy ones. We find that visitors always gravitate to the room to sit during the day as it almost feels as if you’re in the garden, even in colder weather. It’s bright and airy and a perfect addition to our home.

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