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5 ways to boost your wellbeing at home

Time. There’s 60 seconds in a minute and 24 hours in a day, however, while we spend more time at home, it may seem like we have more of it on our hands.

Have you taken a moment to reflect on how this is making you feel?

As the physical distancing measures keep us safe at home, it’s so important for us all to look after our health and wellbeing as we continue to adapt to change. From planning our new daily routine to focusing on the things we enjoy the most: the NHS’ ‘Every Mind Matters’ campaign is there to provide expert tips and practical advice.

Here at Oakwrights, we understand how our homes play such a pivotal role in our lives. During this time we can rely on them, most importantly for comfort. However, they also have a unique way of keeping us on our toes! From tackling ‘that’ storage cupboard, to sprucing up the hallway or giving your new pair or gardening gloves a test drive: here’s how we can utilise our homes to boost our wellbeing.

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1. Invite nature in

Although April and May are renowned for their intermittent showers, at some points during the past few weeks it has felt more like summer than spring!

If you have a busy day ahead and/or you just need a moment to yourself, open your windows and take time to feel the warmth of the sun at the start of each day. Research suggests sunshine and fresh air can benefit our minds and our bodies.

Receiving or buying a bouquet of flowers to enjoy in your home is a lovely touch. However, what about the blooming tulips, bluebells or other flowers in your garden? Harvest a few special arrangements and position them throughout your home, so, when you walk from room to room you’ll always see their beauty in the corner of your eye and instantly smile.

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2. Add a splash of colour

If you’ve been meaning to give a certain room a lick of paint, there’s no time like the present! Country Life have some refreshing ideas if you’re looking for inspiration.

Painting can be therapeutic and doesn’t need to be completed all at once. If you’re working from home, bring all the family together at lunchtime and plan to do a certain amount each day. You’ll thank yourself for ticking this job off your to do list and it’ll fill you with a huge sense of accomplishment.

3. Feel-good factor furniture

So, the walls are now in tip-top condition, but what about the furniture? Could your trusty bedside draws or wardrobe benefit from a new look?

Upcycling is a popular way of giving your possessions a new lease of life, so you can love them for longer while saving money by utilising what you already own.

Take a look at Church Cottage: an oak frame home from our Cottage range that’s been self-built and is owned by Charlie and Helen. Having recently moved in, the couple have tried their hand at upcycling bedroom furniture.

Helen says, “I had a pine furniture set from when I was younger that I wanted to give a new lease of life. I bought some Annie Sloane paint online and found some new drawer knobs from Sass and Belle. The project was extremely rewarding and it gives a huge sense of achievement once you have completed it! I am in love with our ‘new’ furniture (and even more so when it cost so little to do)!”

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4. Create a completely new space

Have you always wanted to give a particular room a new purpose? Somewhere to pursue a hobby, practise yoga, train or simply have an additional living space where you can relax and unwind?

Whatever you wish to achieve, find time to make it happen for you! Consider exactly how you’d like the room to make you feel and how you can utilise what you’ve already got at home in the first instance, to bring it to life.

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5. Grab your garden by the stems

Alongside many other benefits, enjoying the great outdoors helps to boost our energy levels, enhance creativity and reduce stress.

Your garden doesn’t need to be picture-postcard perfect; let it just be a space where you love spending time and if you’d like to pull up some pesky weeds or arrange a flower bed while you’re there, then great!

To discover more about the link between your garden and your wellbeing, ‘Your Wellbeing Garden,‘ written by the RHS, is a book that’s bursting with gardening advice to maximise the wellbeing potential of your garden.

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