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Nestled in nature: Enhance your wellbeing with an indoor-outdoor space

An affinity with nature is a core part of the human condition. The health and wellbeing benefits of earthing, forest-bathing, and wild swimming are well documented. 

Activities like these help us to recharge, replenish, and restore our physical and mental energy, and feel more connected to our natural surroundings in an increasingly complex world.

What if you could bring those calming benefits closer to home? A transitional room that combines indoor comforts with your outdoor space might be exactly what you need.

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An oasis of calm or a hive of activity?

Our best advice when contemplating any interior, is to consider the primary purpose and users of the space in question.

Are you thinking about creating a blissful haven for working from home? A family fun space? Somewhere to entertain, or to curl up with a good book and take in the view?

Understanding the core uses of the space will be fundamental to making the best use of your budget and style priorities.

It also has the practical benefit of aligning everyone’s visions for the room–saving headaches and heartache later.

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Natural light, materials, and the best use of space

For a garden room that functions to its full potential, you’ll need lots of natural light.

For a room that’s deliberately dappled in sunlight (watching golden sunbeams dance over oak’s silver patina is quite something), you’ll want to position it perfectly to ensure it follows the daily path of the sun.

For a refined finish, you’ll want to augment the existing focal points in your garden, creating something spectacular and uniquely yours.

Perhaps, like our clients, you’d like to drink your morning coffee watching the resident Kingfisher in your wildlife pool, entertain looking out over unspoilt panoramic views, or have a clear line of sight to your horses and equestrian facilities.

Map the practical aspects of your garden, as well as your favourite features you’d love to be able to see, hear, and experience from within your garden room.

To truly blend the indoors and outdoors, you’ll want to feel like your garden room ‘belongs’ in its natural environment. A colour palette and interior styling that mix earth tones, rich greenery, and tactile, organic materials complement a calming ambience and support your smooth transition from one space into the next.

Oak is the perfect material to frame that transition: it exudes warmth, grace, and strength – all feelings associated with wellbeing, empowerment, and stepping into your true potential.

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Visualise your future with oak

Throwing open your glass bi-fold doors, feeling the glorious, warm summer breeze wash over your skin, and taking in the beauty of your very own garden, is a feeling like no other.

It leaves you refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace the day (or enjoy the evening) in style. It’s a feeling you deserve every day.

For more oak framed insights, interior inspiration, and interviews with our expert craftspeople, peruse our coffee-table book, Poems.

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