10 ways to utilise your oak frame room above garage

Here at Oakwrights, we are particularly fond of our room above garage range, which comprises four, two storey oak framed outbuildings that can be tailored to suit your needs, while adding value to your property in the process.

Could you benefit from more living space at home? Perhaps you would like to create additional accommodation for loved ones? In this blog we explore 10 ways you could utilise an oak frame room above garage.


1. A hideaway for hobbies

Having a dedicated place to enjoy your favourite pastime(s) will free-up rooms inside your home. From a space to practise music or maybe a room with a view to paint or upcycle furniture, our Portchester design​ supports a variety of home-based hobbies.


2. A utility or laundry room

Utility rooms can be noisy, especially when all appliances are in full swing! You could consider utilising your room above as a space to do washing and tumble drying, while keeping an eye on your Home Connect app​ so you know when it’s finished.


3. Blissful accommodation for elderly relatives…

A recent study has found​ that more of us are looking after relatives later in life, and what better way to ensure their wellbeing than to invite them to live nearby. A room above garage provides the perfect space for them to retire back to.


4. …Or for guests

If you have family and friends staying for the weekend, a room above garage is the ideal home away from home. This means they can stay and enjoy some good food and drink before settling into their oak framed oasis.

Step inside this spacious and elegant room above garage

5. A creative studio

If you love being creative and/or you work from home, a room above garage will give you a tranquil environment where you will feel at ease and inspired. Professionals, such as Architects and designers, will benefit from a space that’s well-lit and organised.


6. A home gym and fitness suite

Gone are the days of queuing for equipment or missing classes when you’re running late. With a room above garage, you can lift weights, practise yoga or hit the treadmill while not needing to leave home. You can even add finishes such as slip-resistant flooring and soundproof materials: ​why not discuss your plans​ with your local Oakwrights design consultant?


7. A remote office for busy professionals

Another convenient use of a room above is for a ​self-contained home office​. From conference calls to client meetings, the possibilities are endless, and at the end of the day, your home will be just a short stroll away!


8. A children’s playroom or teenage snug

Why not use your room above garage as a playroom, equip perhaps with a kitchen for snacks and a bathroom? Alternatively, this space could also provide a place for teenagers to unwind after a day at school or somewhere that is separate to their bedroom to study.


9. A deluxe home cinema suite

Our Winchester​ garage is the highest room above in our collection, and could be just the ticket if you have a home cinema design in mind. Sonos cinema equipment, such as their entertainment set or surround set, could make the ideal addition!


10. A room above garage for multiple purposes

If you have a range of uses in mind for your room above garage, here at Oakwrights we can create a design that is completely customised to meet all your needs and more! Please call 01432 353 353 or email enquiries@oakwrights.co.uk to speak with your local Oakwrights design consultant.