Top 5 advantages of custom build homes

Custom build is a standalone form of self-building and a more ‘hands-off’ approach, where you can purchase a plot of land from a developer which already has provisions in place to build your new home.

It’s important to choose a home building route that’s right for you, so here we explore the advantages of custom build.


1. Plot finding

For some self-builders, finding a plot in a location they love requires a lot of time and patience. Most custom build sites will have a range of plots available that vary in size to suit your exact needs.

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2. Bespoke design

The construction of custom build houses is managed in some way by a developer. Depending on the site, their teams will tailor the design of your future home so it’s bespoke to you and your lifestyle.

Webbs Meadow is a custom build site in Lyonshall, Herefordshire

3. Planning permission

When you purchase a plot on a custom build site, the developer will usually have secured outline or full planning permission for your home; saving you time and driving your home building plans forwards.


4. Services

Alongside planning, most custom build sites will be serviced with utility connections in place, as well as highway access.


5. Project management

From choosing your dream plot to constructing your dream home, typically, the custom build developer at your chosen site will work with you and to your budget, delivering as much or as little of the building work as agreed.


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