Blending an oak frame extension with a 1930s home in Essex

Words from our clients, Mr and Mrs Banks


1. What prompted your decision to build?

We’ve lived in our home for over 20 years. During this time, there was a small, south-facing conservatory on the back which got lots of glorious sunshine but was constantly either too hot or too cold, and so we never used it.

When my husband retired, we decided we wanted to be able to sit, look out and appreciate our garden. The conservatory was the perfect spot to do this, but we knew the structure needed to be changed.

We loved the openness of the oak frame extensions we saw in magazines but had never considered one previously for our home. However, once we started looking and thinking about it, we felt there was a great opportunity to build one of our own.


2. Why did you choose to build your garden room with Oakwrights?

We did the usual search across the marketplace for suppliers we could work with. It was the unequivocal build quality and attention to detail in terms of build and design that made Oakwrights a clear choice for our project.

Working with their team, the design hit our brief straight away and we were able to create an oak frame garden room that surpassed our original expectations. The whole process was clearly explained which allowed us to make necessary decisions and plan the build with confidence.

Mr and Mrs Banks wanted their design to appreciate their beautiful surroundings

3. What key features did your bespoke oak frame design have to include?

One of the main criteria for our garden room was to blend it with our sitting room which runs across the back of our home. Although the finished room would be T-shaped, we wanted the space to feel like and be used as one room.

We removed the old French windows into the conservatory and opened the rear wall to the width of our new room. Dropping the new floor level by two steps and exposing the new roof rafters, gave our garden room an increased ceiling height which is both impressive inside, but is also a perfect vantage point from which to view our garden.

We didn’t want the design of our garden room to have glass panels from floor to ceiling, so Oakwrights designed the room with a solid wall at the bottom and windows above which are more in-keeping with the age and style of our home.

This garden room blends perfectly with our clients' existing sitting room

4. What do you predominately use your garden room for?

Our oak frame extension is full of natural light. We chose to incorporate Oakwrights’ face glazing system into our design which harnesses this and helps to keep a constant temperature, regardless of the weather outside; creating a really comfortable environment to sit in throughout the day.

Whether we’re reading, watching the birds and wildlife or deciding what gardening jobs are next on our list, our garden room is a relaxing and enjoyable place to spend time in. When friends and family visit, it’s a natural hub where we can congregate day or night.

The best thing about our oak frame garden room is that it allows us to make the most of our garden from the house which we weren’t previously able to do; so we’ve achieved exactly what we wanted.

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