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5 festive uses for an oak framed conservatory

Many homeowners associate the benefits of an oak framed conservatory with the summer months, however, the beauty of this natural structure really comes into its own at this time of year. Offering a place to unwind with a mince pie or two in the build up to Christmas, discover more ways a conservatory can be used this festive season.


Crafting with the children
If Christmas crafts are a family tradition but finding the space is often a challenge, an oak framed conservatory makes for an ideal space to create something magical together. Enjoy making homemade cards and Christmas wreaths all from a dedicated arty zone. You’ll also benefit from lots of natural light which is a must for taking pictures of your handiwork.

Gift-giving on Christmas morning
Imagine walking through the house to your oak framed conservatory, where the room is filled with the voices of your loved ones congregated together on Christmas morning. The gifts are exquisitely wrapped under the tree and Bing Crosby is on in the background. We can create an oak framed conservatory that’s tailored to your needs so you can create memories to last a lifetime.

Spectacular yuletide dining
Oak framed conservatories provide the perfect space to sit your whole family around the Christmas table. So, in terms of decorating the space, try wrapping ivy garlands and string fairy lights around your interior oak frame. Perhaps you’d like to base the interior around a Christmassy theme? The possibilities are endless!

A place to play party games
If you have a large family or you’re famed for hosting some of the best neighbourhood parties, a timber framed conservatory can be a great base for an evening of festive fun. Whether you’re a dab hand at charades, karaoke or cards, this additional space can come in very handy!

Take five and re-charge
After a busy Christmas period, you’d be forgiven for feeling like you’re in need of a rest. Sit back and enjoy your frosty garden views from the warmth of your conservatory, while reflecting on the past few days. Remember an oak framed extension is not just for Christmas, it can be enjoyed all year round.


Thank you for reading this week’s post. An oak framed conservatory is a truly personal addition to your home, so if you’re on the hunt for inspiration, take a look at this stunning oak framed conservatory in North Yorkshire.