Annexe FAQs

Written by Alex Cole – a Regional Design Consultant


If you would love to create more living space at home and you are looking into suitable options, this blog delves into the multiple uses and benefits of an oak frame annexe.


Q: What is an annexe?

A: The oak frame annexes we create with our clients are self-contained, single storey outbuildings which are detached from their homes. Also known as ‘Granny annexes’, these builds are typically positioned in our clients’ gardens, designed to be complementary in style and sympathetic to their surroundings.

The design of our clients' bespoke space blends beautifully into their backdrop

Q: Can an annexe be used for accommodation?

A: Absolutely! We will work with you to ensure your oak frame design takes all the ‘homely’ amenities you will need into consideration. So, whether you have a child returning from University who would benefit from their own living space and independence, or you would like to run a self-catering holiday business from home, we will work with you to bring your dream build to life.


Q: What else can an annexe be used for?

A: One of the brilliant benefits of designing an annexe with our teams here at Oakwrights is how the floorplan can be tailored to suit the exact purpose you have in mind. For example, if you find yourself working more remotely, you may like to create a new office space that is separate to your home but just a stone’s throw away, or, perhaps you are in need of a space to house a gym or art studio: whatever your vision, the possibilities for your oak framed annexe design are endless.

In this blog, we explore the many other ways you could utilise an oak framed annexe.


Q: Does an annexe really work as an office?

A: Yes, it does. Over the last year we have seen a significant increase in clients opting to build a home office, and our annexe offering provides the perfect solution.

A family home can often be a busy place, so whether you work full- or part-time, let this annexe design inspire an oak frame build that meets your exact needs.

An oak framed home office space, located in our clients' garden

Q: Does an annexe need planning permission?

A: Not always. There are several factors which we will take into consideration when we begin designing your annexe, these include your home and its location, alongside the size of your future build and your preferred position for it.

Here at Oakwrights, we pride ourselves in the flexibility and creativity of our designs, so if your annexe needs to be constructed under permitted development, we will work with you to create a build which adheres to these rights. Alternatively, we are always on hand to help and advise you with regards to the planning application process, and we can gain the relevant planning and create a Building Regulations package on your behalf.


Q: Do you have ‘set size’ annexes or can I design my own?

A: Both actually. Our oak frame annexe offering, which you can view by clicking here, provides you with a template which you can use in its entirety or adapt to create a completely bespoke design, starting with a minimum of two bays.

Here is a CGI featuring the exterior of our one bedroom annexe

Q: How much does an annexe cost?

A: The price is dependent on the size, shape, design and the interior of the annexe you choose. So, for example, if you would like to build a one bedroom annexe, similar to the design shown above, this will start from £50,000+VAT, whereas a smaller home office would start from approximately £20,000+VAT. We frequently work in close partnership with local builders and can specify all the details required for your build.


Q: Can an annexe be used all year round?

A: Yes. Each oak frame annexe designed by our teams is unique to our clients’ visions, remaining warm in winter and cool in summer.


Would you like to talk through the ideas you have in mind with one of our design consultants? Call 01432 353 353 or email to book your one-to-one online design consultation via Zoom or other video software.

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