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Creating a comfortable office space in a room over garage

While a ‘room-over’ garage may not be the first idea that comes to mind when thinking of an office space, our own experience shows how this space can be flexible, and provide a welcoming creative environment.

When creating an office in any building it is important to create an environment that is happy, healthy and motivating while optimising useful space.

A sloping roof

The sloping roof of a ‘room over’ garage offers a comfortable standing height, while giving ample room for desks and monitors to sit upon them. Storage under desks aids space efficiency.

Natural light

Natural light is a crucial feature when constructing any working environment; using dormer windows and skylights that work with the sloping ceilings enable vast amounts of light to flood the workspace and create a pleasing atmosphere.

Usable space

Dependent on the needs of your business a ‘room over’ garage has the flexibility and space to incorporate any number of requirements including a meeting room for visiting clients or even a workshop below.

To further maximise your office space in the oak structure below you could create a kitchen and welfare area as an opportunity for employees to relax, replenish and recharge. Maybe even a ping-pong table for Friday afternoon’s wind down and teambuilding session!

Staff parking

If you decide not to use the ground floor as office space it can be used as staff parking giving an additional benefit to your ‘room over’. The large bays can accommodate most 4×4 vehicles and can be used as a covered area for employees to store their bikes if they cycle to work.

How many employees can I fit in a standard garage?

Our standard design for a three-bay Gloucester garage can comfortably house 12 staff members in the area above, along with their desks, computers, and filing cabinets. The roof space can be divided into sections depending on whether teams need to be sectioned together or left completely open plan for quick and easy discussion across the room.

Whether you are a sole trader, a small business or a larger company, we can design an office space to accommodate the scale of your workforce due to the flexibility of our garages. We offer a completely bespoke design service allowing you to create a space that best represents your company.