Defining your dream home

For many of our customers, building a home is not only an ambition; it’s also a once in a lifetime experience. The process of designing and constructing a house from the ground up, is truly magical and encourages you to not only consider the present but also the future, and where you see yourself in years to come.

So, whether you have a design concept that’s raring to go, or you have plans to self-build somewhere down the line, here we take time to reflect on what it is, for you, that’ll transform your new build into your new home.


The meaning of ‘home’

Here at Oakwrights, we believe the term ‘home’ stems deeper than purely the physical structure of a building. A home can be shaped by those you welcome in and those who live inside it; it’s a sacred space you invest into and create an abundance of memories in return; it’s your most trusted friend, for as long as you shall have it, which provides you with that ‘one of a kind’, you just ‘can’t quite put your finger on it’, feeling every time you return.

A family home by our Regional Architectural Designer, Pete Tonks

The location

When you think of your dream home, what surroundings spring to mind? Do you picture a coastal backdrop, where the familiar sight, smell and sound of the fresh sea air is part of your daily ritual? Perhaps you imagine endless rolling arable fields, structured by hedgerows and treetops which change colour with the seasons? Would you like to live within the heart of a community, where you can hear the church bells chiming in the distance, as you take a short stroll to the local shop?

Wherever you wish to build, we can help you find a plot that meets your exact needs. Our Architectural Design team can also work with you to design an oak frame home that makes the most of your site and its space, while taking into account factors such as positioning, so you can feel the warmth of the sun and see the beauty that surrounds you whenever possible. Working with our team from the initial design stage will enable them to submit an in-depth planning application that’ll receive the seal of approval, and drive your dream forwards.

Architect, Craig Alexander, will work with you to design an oak frame home that makes the most of your site

The look

Why do we choose to build with oak? As a construction material, oak has many benefits which you can discover more about here. From an aesthetical point of view, oak is warm in colour and gains patina over time. It also has a unique grain texture and lends itself perfectly to a traditional or more contemporary design. Oak complements a range of finishes and blends seamlessly with any setting, anywhere in the country. So, if you picture building a home that’s bursting with unique character and beauty, an oak frame will provide you with that and so much more.

An expertly designed and crafted oak frame is the heartbeat of any home. With years of combined experience, our in-house teams can work with you to incorporate clever detailing into the design of your future home: echoing curves, vaulted ceilings and inspiring glazing breathe life into interior spaces. Let’s not forget the intricate carpenter’s marks which we hand scribe onto each piece of timber, as a beautifully subtle reminder of your personal journey.

Oak frame interior with exposed Cotswold stone

The feel

A home has such an impact on the way we feel. Before enlisting the services of a builder, it’s important to look to the future and consider how each aspect, some mentioned above, will combine to make you and those around you, feel. For our customers, their oak frame represents a lifetime of structural stability while filling them with an immense sense of comfort and security. Oak is a tactile material: when designed to frame a home, it strikes the perfect balance between open plan living areas and rooms you’d prefer to have more structure and privacy.


In light of the current situation, our homes are safe havens and places where we know we’re acting responsibly to help protect one another. Here at Oakwrights, to enable us to maintain the close relationships we have with our customers, our in-house Architectural Design team can arrange an online design consultation with you, while they work remotely.

If you’d like to discuss your ideas for a future oak frame build, please call 01432 353 353 or email to book your one-to-one online design consultation via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or other video systems. Let’s work together and look to the future.