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Factors to consider before designing your dream oak frame garage

Written by George Allen – an OCB and GreenRooms Design Consultant


The design of your oak frame outbuilding should truly reflect your vision; ticking all the boxes in terms of your needs and requirements, while remaining in-keeping with your home. Before putting pen to paper and working with our clients to design their dream oak frame garage, we believe it’s important to consider the whole building process and all aspects that contribute to the creation of their beautifully bespoke building.

If you too are interested in creating an external space that’s just a stone’s throw away from your home, here’s some food for thought before you begin designing.


1. The purpose(s)

The possibilities for your oak frame garage are endless. Housing your prized cars or everyday run-around might be your overarching priority, but there are many other uses that can be explored:

  • Are you in need of some extra storage space?
  • Would you like to create a warm and dry workshop area?
  • Perhaps you work from home and could benefit from a separate office?
  • Would the addition of a room above garage help to house visiting family and friends?

Oak frame garages can have multi-functional uses: click here for more inspiration.


2. Permitted development vs. planning permission

Here at Oakwrights, we offer a wide range of both single storey and ‘room over’ garages which can be completely tailored to you. Knowing whether your new oak frame garage will fall under permitted development, or will require planning permission, is dependent on certain specifications, such as the type and size of garage you’re looking to build. Here’s a guide that provides a clear overview to the two avenues. For further information, please view the Planning Portal.

3. Location, location, location

Careful consideration is required when determining the exact location for your garage. Positioning your oak frame beneath a tree canopy may be aesthetically pleasing; however, the roots below could provide a challenge when digging the foundations for your new building. Additionally, overhanging branches and cables will restrict the construction of your frame.

Arranging a meeting with one of our Regional Design Consultants at your home provides the perfect opportunity to discuss the best location for your timber frame garage, while making the most of your surroundings.

4. Access

Once the oak for your garage has been cut to the measurements required in our workshops, it’ll be transported to your home by our site team in either a 9 or 15 tonne lorry. To reduce the risk of any unexpected delays, your Design Consultant will discuss the best access routes with you. Particular aspects that may need further thought include single-track lanes, and planned road closures.

The site of your oak frame garage will also require pre-construction work, such as digging the foundations as mentioned above. This excess soil will need to be removed which is something else to bear in mind.


Thank you for reading our blog on the key factors to consider before designing your dream oak frame garage. Discover your next steps here, or to speak with one of our Regional Design Consultants about your project, simply call 01432 353 353.