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Frames designed to last, systems designed to preserve

Looking ahead to next year, Oakwrights will be celebrating its 20th anniversary; so, ahead of this huge milestone, it seemed only appropriate to look back at the roots of the company, to see some of the innovations and solutions that have built us up (pun intended) to where we are today and reflect upon the progress we have made over these years, as a company that values tradition and innovation in equal stead.

Then to Now…

At the company’s conception, Oakwrights simply offered the design, manufacture and erection of bespoke oak frames, the structure around which clients could build their dream home. Now, almost 20 years later, we pride ourselves on being able to cover every aspect of the self-build process; we can offer clients the entire home-building package with the highest levels of smooth-running efficiency. From traditional frame designs and bespoke encapsulation systems, to our unique turnkey build solution and exciting client experience opportunities, Oakwrights offers the full package. All you need is a plot (and sometimes these days, we have those available as well) and your enthusiasm to begin working on turning your dream into a home that is yours to treasure for years to come.

Innovation & Progress:

We have come to pride ourselves on our innovations; since 1999, we have been pioneers in fresh methods and solutions. Here we detail some of our proudest progressions that make Oakwrights the stand-out company in the Oak Frame Industry.

3i Infill Panel System

Our 3i Infill Panel System, unique to Oakwrights, is the epitome of tradition meeting high-tech, and offers a modern solution to an age-old problem, out-performing all similar solutions currently on the market. The award-winning bespoke panel is innovatively designed in order to allow for the natural movement and shrinkage of green oak frames, as well as offering advanced weather resistance and a high level of insulation; it is a system designed to preserve, for a frame designed to last.

3i Infill Panel System: Our award winning panel system is innovively designed to fit within and allow for movement of your traditional oak frame home Photo credit: Oakwrights

Try Before You Buy

With the build of our 5-star show home ‘The Woodhouse’ in 2007, Oakwrights began to offer clients the unique opportunity not just to visit and view one of their completed oak frame homes, but to stay overnight and truly get a feel for oak frame living and experience it as a whole, to see if it is the right self-build route for you. The beautiful Woodhouse is a perfect example of the wide range of possibilities that even a small and awkward plot like the one it is built upon can offer to prospective self-builders.

Oakwrights Show Home Photo credit: Oakwrights


Since the company’s inception we have been constantly driving towards a sustainable future for our oak frames with the development of our WrightWall & WrightRoof Systems. In 2017 Oakwrights became the first company to achieve a Passive House Oak Frame Certification in the UK. Our process as well as our design is environmentally conscientious, with resources consumed both in and during construction vigorously considered and used as efficiently as possible and then recycled. Our advanced encapsulation systems focus firmly on the reduction of Carbon Dioxide and optimum heat retention, allowing you to live sustainably and conscientiously. Our solutions limit the need for expensive green technologies on buildings and enhance the internal living environment, essential for comfortable and happy living.

The UK's First Passivhaus Certified Oak Frame Home Photo credit: Oakwrights


As we approach our 20 year anniversary, more and more clients are now coming to Oakwrights for the most recent of our growth spurts – the full build turnkey service. We can manage the entire process, complete the project in close partnership with Oakwrights approved suppliers or indeed work alongside your chosen builder. From hands-on to hand over, our turnkey service is aimed at realising your oak framed home dream with the minimum intrusion on your time, with your turnkey Project Manager keeping the process on track as well as ensuring pre-set budget requirements are adhered to throughout the build.

Oakwrights Turnkey Build Solution: Aimed at realising your oak framed home dream with the minimum intrusion on your time Photo credit: Oakwrights

From the single workshop in Swainshill in the early 2000s through to the our new super workshop coming before the end of this year we are continually developing the products and services that we have to offer the self-builder. For a more detailed view of how we have evolved since 1999, take a look at Our Story