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How affordable is an oak frame house?

If you are considering building an oak frame house you will need to consider the costs. When self-building, overall project costs are affected by a lot of factors, but the actual cost of constructing the all-important oak frame is relatively simple to predict, details and case studies of which can be found on our case studies page.

The value of building with oak

Whilst oak is not the cheapest material to use in the construction of a house, the value is unbeatable when you consider its inherent strength and longevity, let alone it’s unique character. You only need to look around the country to see oak frame houses that have stood for centuries, and when cared for correctly will be around for generations, a legacy that appeals to many astute self-builders.

Not just aesthetically pleasing but efficient and sustainable too!

Oak frame techniques have been around for centuries but the modern self-builder who is looking to build for the future is well catered for. Already a naturally efficient material, oak homes can take advantage of the latest in efficient technology, features such as ground source pump heating, heat recovery systems, super-efficient glazing and our very own encapsulation systems which are highly efficient wall and roof panels (SIPs)

A free design consultation

It costs nothing to talk to us and discuss your requirements or aspirations for living in a timber framed home. You can do this by simply calling us on 01432 353 353, or by visiting one of the many events that we attend (see our events page).

Our team of Architectural Designers and oak frame experts are on-hand to guide and assist you, whether it is a technical or planning issue or to discuss the cost element of an oak house build. Let us make your self-build journey a pleasurable and rewarding one.