How can we support your home building journey?

For more than 20 years it has been, and will continue to be, our privilege to listen to and nurture our clients’ plans for their future oak frame projects.

Just like our clients’ self-build aspirations, the expert advice and support our in-house teams provide them with varies depending on where they are on their home building journeys. For example, sometimes clients approach us when they are starting to look for their perfect plot of land, and we work closely together throughout their oak frame self-build. On other occasions, clients may already have a plot and finalised architectural drawings in place for their new home. Our teams appraise these drawings and in turn, submit their application for planning permission and Building Regulations drawings on their behalf. Their approved design then progresses through our departments to our workshops, before the momentous day when their frame and encapsulation arrives and is erected on-site!

Below you will see the range of services we can provide listed within a flexible, step-by-step process. These services have not only been founded by our specialist expertise; over the years, members of our teams have stood in your shoes and have built their own oak framed homes. So, feel assured when working with us, we can relate to your self-build experiences, and we understand where you join us on your journey is personal to you and your project’s requirements.

Helen Needham, Head of Architecture, and her team can work with you to create your forever home

1. Plot finding

Discovering your ideal plot is an immensely exciting time and marks a pinnacle moment as you look ahead to the build of your home. If you are searching within a particular location, we may already have the perfect site available! Please click here to view our latest opportunities.


2. Architectural design

If you would like our Architectural Design team to produce the architectural design for your oak frame home, they will begin by getting to know you and your wish list. They will then transform every detail into concept drawings that meet your needs while complementing your site and its surroundings. So, for the very first time, you can visualise your new home!


3. Planning permission

With vast experience dealing with planning authorities across the country, our Architectural Design team are tenacious in steering all projects through the planning process to achieve approval. From a traditional manor or country cottage through to a barn-style or contemporary home; our team has the knowledge that will give your design the best chance of a successful planning outcome.

To learn more about the architectural design and planning application process, please click here to read the story behind our clients’ oak frame home, pictured below, which is currently under construction.

Planning has been approved for this beautifully bespoke oak frame family home, designed by Helen Needham

4. Building Regulations drawings 

The devil is in the detail and the more detail you have, the smoother your build will be. Building Regulations primarily focus on the safety, durability and integrity of a build. Our Architectural Technicians can prepare and submit detailed Building Regulations drawings for you to drive your oak framed project forwards.


5. Exterior and interior finish advice

Our teams can guide you through the possibilities for your interior and exterior finishes. Alongside advising you on suitable cladding and also face glazing opportunities that would make the most of your amazing views, we can discuss the benefits of our closed-panel WrightWall or WrightWall Natural encapsulation systems, which have been designed to achieve high levels of insulation and airtightness, reducing the energy consumption of your new home and lowering heating costs.

Prior to your building work commencing, we can write a full specification and detailed construction drawings if you require.


6. Oak frame and encapsulation design 

Our teams will take your approved architectural design and translate it into a structural reality, using industry-leading software. Our Frame and Encapsulation Designers will not only work with you to design the ‘look’ of your oak frame and the bespoke encapsulation encasing it, but also the numerous joints that will hold your structure together.

At this stage, you will also have the opportunity of virtually stepping into a 3D drawing of your future design, so you can envisage your home in its entirety and feel how each room will work for you. To discover more about our frame design process, please click here.

Our highly-skilled craftsmen blend traditional craftsmanship skills with modern technology to create each oak frame

7. Craftsmanship

Your finalised designs will then be sent to our workshops; a process which takes place under one roof here in Herefordshire.

At our workshops, cutting-edge technology works in conjunction with our master carpenters. After your frame has been meticulously cut by our Hundegger CNC machine, our team will carefully piece every timber together and leave a traditional carpenter mark on each that will be unique to your home. At the same time, if you have opted for our WrightWall or WrightWall Natural encapsulation system, this will be prefabricated here too, ensuring a seamless fit around your frame.


8. On-site construction

Our partner builder will carry out all your on-site general building work, beginning by clearing and preparing your plot for the arrival of our experienced site team.

Your oak frame and encapsulation system will be transported and constructed on-site by the team. Once in place, we will take time to commemorate this moment with you by a traditional carpenters’ ‘topping out’ ceremony.

Your builder will then follow your specification and detailed drawings through the completion of your project, working alongside other relevant trades and suppliers, before handing you the keys to your oak frame home.


With this in mind, we would love to know: where are you on your home building journey?

In place of face to face meetings, you can arrange an appointment with our teams via Zoom, Skype or other video software. So, from the comfort of your home you can discuss your exciting upcoming plans and drive your dream forwards. To learn more, please call 01432 353 353 or email

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