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How to prepare your wooden stables for the winter months ahead

Winter is certainly coming: you can feel it on a morning hack and with British weather being typically uncertain it pays to have wooden stables equipped. All our Oakwrights stables are constructed using green oak which is hard-wearing to such changing elements. However when it comes to the inside, we’ve written this guide if you’re a new or long-standing member of the equestrian industry. From building maintenance like checking electrics, we’ve got you covered in all conditions. Read on this week for a handful of tips on preparing your wooden stables for winter.


Give wooden stables a pre-winter clean 

Let’s begin with a good old deep clean. Winter is the season where horses especially are indoors more than other times of the year, which can increase the risk of infections. High ammonia levels, when not disinfected, can also lead to respiratory problems so strip out the stables and get stuck in before leaving to dry out fully.

Check the ventilation

Once your wooden stables are clean you can then search for any pesky draughts. Windows can also be checked to make sure they are opening and closing easily, as good ventilation is vital.

Building maintenance for wooden stables

Before the cold weather hits it’s good to survey the conditions of your oak outbuildings. This will ensure the safety of your animals and your equipment from hazards such as unstable roofs. In terms of electrics for wooden stables, you might want to replace any bulbs that have blown. Lighting may also need to be reviewed as a backup plan for power shortages. For the guttering, check it’s clear, especially after heavy rainfall and thoroughly insulate pipes to guarantee your animals are kept watered and warm. Last but not least, you could install rubber mats to the floor of your wooden stables. These will act as bedding while providing an anti-slip surface for your animals.

Ensure access points are clear

Throughout winter, especially in the snow, it’s likely you’ll be visiting your stables more often. If nasty weather makes access challenging, we are all aware of how a slight emergency can turn into a disaster. So to keep all your access points clear you could store a generous supply of salt to cover icy walkways, have a can of WD-40 at the ready to spray into all stable door locks and apply vaseline to seals to prevent doors from freezing shut.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our post and are ready to organise your wooden stables for winter. If you would like to speak with a member of our team about your wooden stable block or indeed discuss an idea for a separate oak framed outbuilding, simply click here to get in touch.