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Inspiration for your room-over garage

The benefit of a room over garage is that you can create a space to house your cars while also gaining extra space for a workshop, games room, home office or spare room. However you choose to use your space, a room over garage has the added advantage of gaining valuable extra space from a relatively small footprint.

Creating additional office space

The versatility this space can give is endless. At our very own offices in Herefordshire we have used one of our standard ‘room-over’ garages to create additional office space on both floors. Using habitable specifications, the structure exceeds building regulations and provides a comfortable atmosphere with minimal heating, even in the winter.

Creating additional living space

In the instance of our clients Tom and Sarah, they originally wanted an oak frame garage to house their 1965 vintage VW camper van (called Daisy) but took further advantage of the space by creating a ‘room-over’ to add extra living accommodation for their daughter to move into on return from university.  

“Any parent with a child back from university will understand the value of having separate accommodation where their child can keep their independence when they return home for the holidays, which was the main reason for the project”.

Tom, Room Above Garage Owner

Whatever space you want to create, it is worth considering the opportunity a ‘room over’ garage could give you.

A standard ‘room above’ garage or a bespoke design

Our ‘room over’ standard garage range starts at 6m deep on our ‘Little Gloucester’ extending to 6.3m on our ‘Gloucester’; this provides great space below and maximises the available space above.

By choosing one of our standard garages, you will benefit from time and cost efficiencies. With the drawings already created for you, the necessary structural calculations made and the workshop and site plans all prepared, the design work associated with a bespoke garage is eliminated.

If you don’t see a garage that will fit your requirements, a bespoke designed garage may be exactly what you need. Working with one of our design consultants we will design a garage that fits exactly what you need

To discuss your plans for your room-over garage, arrange a meeting with your local design consultant or to visit our very own outbuilding, contact us by clicking here and filling out our contact form or get in touch via 01432 353 353 or one of the team.


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