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Introducing AeroBarrier

"AeroBarrier is three times faster than traditional caulk and tape methods. It helps remove any concerns about human error or airtightness test failures during the build process, so is hugely positive from a quality assurance perspective. For residents and homeowners, better airtightness levels reduce energy bills and create healthier living conditions."

Hugh Franklin, Head of AeroBarrierUK

The innovative product that guarantees airtightness in homes

As home builders, one of our top priorities is creating a comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient living environment. However, achieving this goal can be challenging if there are air leaks in your home. Air leaks can cause drafts, moisture, and higher energy bills.

This is a common problem but can be simple to fix. Traditional methods of sealing the home such as caulk and tape methods may help seal gaps, but they can be time-consuming and prone to human error.

Fortunately, there’s a game-changing solution that guarantees air tightness in new-build homes: AeroBarrier.

About AeroBarrier

AeroBarrier is an innovative sealing system that uses patented technology to pressurise a building and seal any leaks with a non-toxic mist coat.

What makes AeroBarrier unique is that it’s the only product that guarantees a specific level of airtightness. As a self-builder you can choose your desired air tightness, from the UK building standard of 5m3/hm2 to Passivhaus levels of 0.6m3/hm3.

AeroBarrier has been well established internationally in the USA, Canada, and the UAE, and it’s now available in the UK.

Achieving your desired results

The AeroBarrier process takes place after the second fix stage of your build, which reduces the time and effort spent on clearing up after the process and protecting surfaces. Before the process is carried out, your home will be prepared, with all openings that should not be sealed, such as vents or fireplaces, and horizontal finished surfaces covered.

Using a blower door test, the AeroBarrier team analyses the data readings in real-time to track the distribution of sealant in the space. Continual testing is carried out during this process to provide real-time updates to assess the level of airtightness.

Once your desired results have been achieved, the process is stopped. The installation team then undertake a post-sealing tidy-up, and other site-work can resume after about half an hour. Following sign-off from you, a Certificate of Completion is provided to show the pre- and post-leakage results.

Better air tightness levels are essential for energy efficiency, a comfortable environment, and the reduction of energy bills.

To learn more about AeroBarrierUK that is available exclusively through our Oakwrights team, visit www.aerobarrieruk.co.uk.

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