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Planning a custom build project: our guide to getting started

Deciding to build your own home is an exciting prospect but which route do you take; self-build, turnkey or custom-build?

The routes highlighted above vary depending on your desired level of involvement, your budget and the amount of time you have to invest in your project.

In this blog, we put a spotlight on the ‘custom build’ approach and discuss the steps involved to help you choose the home building route that’s right for you.


What is custom build?

A custom build home is a house built to your specification or customised to your requirements, with the support of a developer. This route offers a more ‘hands-off’ approach in comparison to self-build. Typically, a custom build developer will provide a serviced plot, at least outline planning on the plot and will support in managing the build. This alleviates some of the biggest hurdles faced by self-builders and allows you to concentrate on the design of your new home.


Step 1: Get to know your custom build site and plot

If you’re currently looking for your dream plot, click here to view three unique custom build sites in Herefordshire.

Once you’ve found your site, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the plots available while getting a feel for the surrounding area and potential for the future.


Step 2: Discuss your ideas

Put together a wish list for your dream home and talk through your ideas with your architectural designer, so they can clearly visualise the style of house you would like to build and how you will use the spaces. Our in-house Architectural Design team are here to discuss your ideas for your oak frame home and the best ways to get the most from your desired plot.

We can design an oak frame home that complements your site and brings your ideas to life

Step 3: Purchase your plot

Once you’ve chosen your plot for your future home, it’s important to secure the plot and ensure it’s yours.


Step 4: Financing your custom build home

There are several options for financing your custom build project but the most common is a self-build mortgage. Whatever route you take will depend on your personal circumstances and we can provide you with advice regarding financing and the purchase of your selected plot. Alternatively, we’d recommend looking at some self-build mortgage lenders, such as Buildstore.


Step 5: Finalise your design

Your architectural designer will listen to your requirements and work with you to produce a home that delivers aesthetically and practically.


Step 6: Exchange and completion

Once you’ve chosen the type and design style of your home and all the relevant paperwork has been completed, you’re ready for the final step.


Step 7: Start your build

Whatever route you wish to take, we can support your oak framed home building journey. From DIY and self-management to our turnkey service, where we can project manage your entire build on your behalf.


For more details on our custom build sites, including our new Church View site in Herefordshire, and to talk through your future home building plans with our in-house teams, call 01432 353 353 or email