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Top 5 benefits of building an oak frame home

Have you considered an oak frame house for your self-build project?

As almost 22% of new build and self-build homes are created using timber framing techniques, this traditional construction method is more popular than ever. In this blog our Managing Director, Tim Crump, describes the key benefits of building an oak frame home.


1. Eco-friendly material
Our oak is sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests. When working in conjunction with our award-winning WrightWall and WrightRoof Natural encapsulation system, which contains insulation made from recycled newspaper, airtightness increased to create an energy efficient home.


2. Durable structure
Many of our clients are looking to build homes that provide strength and security. Constructed using green oak, these frames gradually dry out or ‘season’ over time to produce a naturally stronger structure that will last for hundreds of years.

3. Unique charm
Oak has its own natural character, which our clients love. Supported by the latest cutting-edge technology, we continue to build our frames using traditional craftsmanship techniques.


4. Speed of construction
Our oak frames and encapsulation panels are prefabricated in our Herefordshire workshops. This reduces on-site construction time significantly; achieving a dry shell faster while driving your build forwards.


5. A sense of space
Oak is versatile in its appearance, lending itself perfectly to both traditional and contemporary designs. Our in-house Architectural Designers will help you choose a material palette for your home that is warm, welcoming and most importantly, personal to you.


Whether you’re in the process of finding your perfect plot or sketching your dream design, contact us to discover the possibilities for your oak frame home.