Webbs Meadow: A ‘Custom Build’ Perspective

Examples of two proposed homes for the plots

A ‘Custom Build’ Perspective

‘Custom Build’ is becoming increasingly popular across the UK with this trend set to rise year on year. Custom Build gives the homebuyer the opportunity to design a bespoke home on a site that has been divided into serviced plots by an enabling developer.  The individual plot is often sold with the incoming utilities and site infrastructure already in place, along with Outline Planning Consent that the developer themselves have usually gained.

This Custom Build route offers a great deal of flexibility and ownership for the homebuyer by allowing them a direct say in their unique home design through a further full planning or Reserved Matters planning application, for example, a house is then redesigned to meet a Clients ‘wish list’.  Alongside this there may be certain conditions to follow to ensure the quality of the overall development, and that the final masterplan works harmoniously as one.

Another example of two proposed homes for the plots

The initial project concept has always been to work within the existing village’s ethos, whilst helping to regenerate the life flow of Lyonshall, invigorating community enrichment and enabling commercial growth.  Essential to this approach was to design each house ensuring it was well positioned and reflected the sun-path analysis; alongside benefitting from the beautiful views, changing light throughout the day, and enabling good-sized gardens.  This project goes beyond a conventional housing development by crafting each home as a beautiful bespoke design; varying in scale, proportion and appearance. By allowing each homebuyer to have their dream oak-framed home the scheme presents endless personality.

We work to a Design Code throughout, which is mindful of the character of Lyonshall and uses a material palette that is in-keeping with the local vernacular, whilst making each house personal.  With the basic design concept in place, homebuyers have a varied selection of house styles to choose from and can still personalise each to meet their specific needs and preferences providing the broader Design Code is maintained.

‘Webbs Meadow’ offers a unique platform for homebuyers to integrate with and develop the hub of the community, adding value to a quaint village full of heritage and character. This exciting Custom Build project aims to enhance the village and ensure a connection between the existing community and new arrivals.

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