Focus on Mariyana: What it means to become Chartered

On 17th December I had my professional interview with the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists to achieve chartered status. I am pleased to say the interview went successfully, and the board told me I had met the criteria for me to be welcomed in the institute as a chartered member and will also be authorised to use the legally protected designation ‘Chartered Architectural Technologist, MCIAT’. This came after a long process of putting together a Professional Assessment application, consisting of about 6000 words and a portfolio of my work through the years.  So, what does this actually mean, I have been asked this a lot for the last few days. 


My initial academic education does not necessarily follow the normal construction “curriculum”, however, I have always worked in construction, even before graduation and I have always taken every opportunity to learn from the various work environments, through courses and qualifications, work experience and self-development, working with peers and clients.


In April 2016 when I moved from Estimating to the Architectural Department of Oakwrights, Helen Needham, Architectural Department Manager advised me that should I wish to go to the route of architectural technology I can do so through work experience and further training and apply to CIAT and go through the different tiers of membership. I also successfully completed a Post Graduate Certificate in the Built Environment Studies in 2017 as well as a Certificate in Building Control (organised by the Chartered Association of Building Engineers). It has been an interesting journey so far, as you would expect fraught with numerous hurdles and obstacles along the way, juggling family with study and exams, but it has also been incredibly exciting and rewarding when I see the result of all the hard work along the way.


The field of architecture and architectural technology is a journey of continuing (self) development and learning. Being part of a team with two Chartered Architects I gain a lot of knowledge from them daily. I have also received a great amount of support and encouragement from Helen and the team; whilst being part of a team that designs bespoke oak frame houses I always aim to create an exceptional design and present refreshing and exciting possibilities that would not necessarily be achievable with the more conventional proposals. Great designs together with the technical ability to realise them creates beautiful homes for our clients to enjoy for a lifetime.

Architectural Technology is the technology of architecture; a creative, innovative design discipline rooted in science and engineering… A Chartered Architectural Technologist specialises in the technology of architecture focusing on the design of buildings for use and performance. The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists is the lead qualifying body for Architectural technology. It represents those working and studying within the discipline. CIAT qualifies Chartered Architectural Technologists, MCIAT and professionally qualified Architectural Technicians, TCIAT.


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