Benefits of WrightWall

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Bespoke design

Not being tied to standard designs, your encapsulation panels will be fabricated to suit your requirements and wrap your oak frame perfectly.

Energy efficient

Designed specifically to work with your oak frame, our encapsulation systems provide high levels of insulation and airtightness, which will decrease energy consumption.

Off-site manufacture

The off-site manufacture of your encapsulation panels ensures that they are assembled to tight tolerances and can be built in larger panel sizes, reducing the number of connections required, allowing a quicker build and improved dimensional accuracy.

One solution, under one roof

Having your oak frame and encapsulation coordinated by the same team under one roof you can rest assured that we have full sight of your project from start to finish and fully understand your design and build requirements.

Quality materials

Our WrightWall and WrightRoof are based on industry standard materials (polyisocyanurate rigid board) and mineral wool insulation, providing a thin wall build up and a cost-effective solution to meet modern Building Regulations requirements, including airtightness.

Data sheet

For more information on our WrightWall and WrightRoof systems download our data sheet using the button below. If you are looking for a higher specification for your forever home, our WrightWall and WrightRoof Natural encapsulation systems may be a more suitable option for you.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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